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Sym-Bionic Titan 1.05: Roar of the White Dragon

Written by Zechs on Sunday, October 17 2010 and posted in Reviews

No General Modula. No Solomon. No General Steel. We have ourselves the first filler episode of the series! RUN!!

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Kevin Thoms as Lance "Lunas"
Tara Strong as llanna "Lunas"
Brian Posehn as Octus/Newton


Wow back to back Lance centric episodes. Last weeks dealt with him trying to get the urge of him being a royal guard out and this week he finally sees something of Earth Culture he enjoys, automobiles particularly one with a white dragon emblem. Of course, the car he relishes happens to be owned by a thuggish gang leader. But of course the greatest challenge of all awaits him.. WAITING AT THE DMV!! This ain't gonna be good. Okay really, his greatest horror is dealing with the driving instructor. Unfortunately for Lance the town he's in isn't located in Illinois, so no corrupt Secretary of State handing out tainted driving licenses. So he'll have to earn it the hard way.
I have to say, when the episode started and the fact that we have nothing on our three villains of the show I shivered with fear. I despise filler episodes. Though that mainly has to do with watching too much anime *cough* Bleach and Naruto *cough*. Then slamming the door shut of my mind on that this wouldn't be as badly as said filler I began to enjoy it. More so even. I actually think this is the episode where Sym-Bionic Titan turned the corner. Well save for Ilana, but I remain hopefully we'll get something centric from her soon. Regardless, the stuff she does here was quite impressive.
The biggest thing I loved about this episode was the car chases. Honestly other than cartoon themed racing shows I can't for the life of me recall any memorable chase scene or race in animated form save way far back in ReBoot (when they did a Mad Max homage race) and recently with Batman: the Brave and the Bold (Mongul forcing Earth's great heroes and villains into a death race). Other than that I just can't remember anything else coming to my mind.
Well Titan breaks that mold with this episode in fact running over it. The first race reminded me so much of something out of the live action movie the Fast and the Furious. Heck the villain in that original movie was a overtly cocky Asian gang leader who didn't take competition well. Still, when they go into the climatic final chase sequence it's one of animated beauty and yet damn thrilling to watch.
But the real reason I enjoyed that chase was in due part all thanks to Lance's driving instructor. God her one liners and give them hell attitude to the street gang was just awesome. When the monster of the week came into play and her reaction I was almost crying with laughter. I know she won't ever be seen again but God I hope the driving instructor returns, she was just so memorable.
Heck, even Illana got one of the best moments of the episode with how she gets Lance out of jail. Her by the books attitude and how good she is at twisting the rules against the police just shows how much a good politician she could be in the future. I just wish we could see more of her character than these just brief flashes we're getting. I'm almost surprised she isn't sort of wondering what's happening to her father or her home-world but I guess that's an episode for another time.
About the biggest surprise and maybe problem was I honestly could have done without the monster that appeared this week. I mean the creature (somewhat reminding me of Cloverfield monster) was a great design and a secondary concern. But I dunno the damage it deals with in the episode I wonder how it'll be dealt with in the next. Since the thing really took a part a portion of the city, even if the fight it has with Titan ends in less than thirty seconds.
Regardless, this was the episode for me that hit a lot of strides save for the key one of it being THE episode that gets your attention and might be the go to episode to reel people into watching the show. It's surprising that a filler episode delivered so much fun, and it was a welcome change that gave all the shows heavies a nice breather. All and all, after the bumpy first handful of episodes, the show is finding it's place. Here's hoping the next episode whatever it is builds off of this one giving us something really to talk about.

4.5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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