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Batman: the Brave and the Bold 2.19 - Emperor Joker

Written by Zechs on Saturday, October 23 2010 and posted in Reviews

Joker gets the powers of Bat-Mite. We're doomed. Also Batman: the Multi-Colored Dreamcape.

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Credits & Solicit Info:


Diedrich Bader as Batman
Paul Reubens as Bat-Mite
Jeff Bennett as the Joker
Meghan Strange as Harley Quinn
Jeremy Shada as Robin
Robin Atkin Downes as Ten-Eyed Man


* They've skipped the Birds of Prey themed episode for some reason. Still no word when it'll debut in the states. But it was supposed to air before the Blue and Gold episode yet here we are two episodes after it. But that's why this episode # skipped ahead from my last review of the show.

Adapting two different eras of Batman comics (one faithfully, the other loosely), long time Batman fans are treated for a rare feat with this episode. For the intro, Batman and Robin deal with Firefly with the only way to beat the fiend is the bat to don a multi-colored costume. Yes, this was actually from a comic, Detective Comics #241 (oh DC later half Golden Age oh the crack you had). As for the main plot we have a VERY loose adaptation of Emperor Joker (in reality the storyline went on in the Superman books and the whole Bat-Mite part of the plot came into the sequel of the story which happened in Superman/Batman storyline. Both stories where written by Jeph Loeb), Joker attains the powers of Bat-Mite. Can Batman defeat the 5th Dimensioned Powered Clown Prince of Crime?
Wow, this episode pushed a lot of buttons for the comic book fan in me. Not surprisingly though given their version of Bat-Mite in this is literally one of us. Once more, he tries to stage a front row seat with his hero, Batsy, against his greatest foe, the Joker. For the most part, their entire comic rivalry is on full display here. Yes, they even make reference to the Joker's more recent acts in Death in the Family. The fact they let slip that one in there is startling enough. Also two other classic Joker tales get spotlight as well.
The other thing that shocked me about this episode was just the nightmare fodder it produced. I mean seriously they kept the one plot point involving Batman from the comic storyline. Where the Joker kept killing him over and over again. How messed up yet fun is that?! So yeah even though they do play with the scene it might be nightmare fuel for the young ones.
About the only complaints I have is just the looseness they play with it. I wish they could have done more adapting the actual storyline, but I understand why they only kept some of it. Still, I wished they kept the Joker/Harley moment from it. The other is pretty much Harley Quinn's appearance in all this. I feel like I'm missing something (I probably am), but it just felt meh that she was in this. Just a one note character slapped on their to appease the all mighty Paul Dini.
Still, I did enjoy the homage they had with her comic costume. Also the whole silent movies gang (Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and two other silent comedian actors are some of the stooges the Joker has but their names at the moment escape me) was a treat as well. Plus the whole silent movie gag with Harley was great nod to that era as well.
The other was the Joker song, it just felt forced and I dunno off to me. I know Jeff Bennett is a talented singer and all but I dunno the words of the song and beat didn't click with me. The song was just too upbeat for me. Maybe on more viewings it'll improve, but at the moment it was alright but nothing compared to the previous songs this show has provided. Not to mention it wasn't as demented as the ways the Joker killed Batman.
Regardless, this was a very fun episode. The best of it being Bat-Mite. The character is just so darn fun, and Paul Reubens just owns voicing him. I really hope we get one more episode out of him in this series, but if we don't this still was a fine exit for the character. God I hope he gets more voice acting roles down the line.
As for how Batman beats a god powered Joker, dang it's almost funny how this week in the Batman comics featured the devil meeting the Bat god. Where in this episode Bat god gets another showing here, with mind vs. magic. Honestly, what result would happen when dwelling in a place where the bat gods greatest power is at it's greatest? Gotta love that and it's a great moment, probably one of my favorite moments of this show.
Honestly, this episode did have some flaws (the musical number being #1 for me), but the good vastly outweigh the bad here. With the very strong opening to an entertaining episode that is even more a great comic book homage than the previous episode did with Bat-Mite. Not to mention the fact we get so much of comic book history on display here just tickled my inner fanboy. Oh and the way the show ended I can't just give it a complete four for that. So a half point is added. If only the musical number was better it would have been PERFECT. Maybe the Australians had the right idea when they showed this episode (in Australia the musical number got eliminated). Still, this is a very fun and must watch episode for any long time Batman fan. The crack in this show is just too darn strong to resist.

4.5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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