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JackAss 3D

Written by Guitarsmashley on Monday, October 25 2010 and posted in Reviews

Since no one is talking about it. Here's a review of JackAss 3D.

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There are lot of ridiculous duchey pretentious reviews of the JackAss movie running around out there like

"Knoxville would never admit to such loser taste, but he and his friends are obviously scholars of "The Divine Comedy," from which they plagiarized all of their ideas and disguised them as silly stunts to infect the minds of American youth with 14th-century epic poetry"-NY Post

"The men's raucously playful, uninhibited and affectionate engagement with one another's habitually unclothed bodies can seem like a spit in the face (and elsewhere) to the outside world's homophobia." NY Times

"At times Mr. Knoxville and his pals seem to be exploring, with degrees of knowing and naïveté, some of the same surrealist terrain described by Luis Buñuel in his memoir, "My Last Sigh." (Although in truth only Mr. Jonze, who shows up in a fat suit and under a schmear of latex, seems genuinely knowing.)"-NY Times

"For me, watching Jackass 3-D was like being plunged into a Hieronymous Bosch painting of hell, yet this very reaction attests to the franchise's primal, diabolical power."-Slate

Truly reviews worthy of punchy level douchery.  Which is really just one of these

JackAss 3D has a lot of good and it doesn't need the pretentious treatment for people to like it or not. It's not really a though provoking movie. Unless you try and understand why anyone would sit in a porto-potty filled with "dog shit" that is then bungied about a 100 feet in the air. Then yes I suppose if you really wanted to you could make JackAss 3D an existential journey through your head then yeah go ahead and be a pretentious douche bag but if you like JackAss then you already know what you're getting into, if you're one of the people that are giving this bad reviews because you don't know what you're about to see and walk out of the theater you are the Jack Ass.

Over all it's the weakest of the three movies it delivers plenty of laughs and plenty of gross out moments but at the same time it feels like it's lacking. The Opening and Closing Numbers are bookends but they lack the full on slapstick that JackAss has come to be known for. It's still good and I enjoyed the 3D a lot and at 94 minutes it's just long enough to give you a headache but not enough to develop a tumor.Gu

Review by: Guitarsmashley

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