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Sym-Bionic Titan 1.06: Shaman of Fear

Written by Zechs on Monday, November 01 2010 and posted in Reviews

It's a nightmare on Titan street.

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Kevin Thoms as Lance "Lunas"
Tara Strong as llanna "Lunas"
Brian Posehn as Octus/Newton
Tony Todd as the Dark Shaman
John DiMaggio as King/Various Characters


General Modula appears to be getting serious as he sends his nastiest assassin monster yet after our heroic trio. They'll have to wonder what is reality and what is dream? They better decide fast before it kills them.
Wow, what an episode. I never really expected this sort of episode from this show. I mean a homage to Nightmare on Elm Street?! From a giant mecha show? How is that possible? Well very possible as this episode fully goes into the minds of our three main characters.
With Lance we get a clip of his past and what his father was up to (did he create the creatures Modula commands?!). Ilana on the other hand suffering from the fact her people are suffering and dying with her not able to do a darn thing about it. Or can she? I'm starting to foresee Modula's own greatest fears coming to light with what the end of this episode brings, possible hope to the people of her planet.
Where can I start with what I liked about the episodes? Well obviously the visuals are a treat, but I can't help but notice the creatures Lance's dad made somehow look almost Kirby-esque. Also the Shaman's monster of choice to battle the Titan is ultra freaky looking yet an utterly awesome design. I know given who's behind this show that's a given, but seriously this episode has some great visuals.
Plus some questions asked in the show make me hunger and await the answers. We find out Lance's father created the rip gate (the device that got them to Earth and what Modula is using to send his creatures after them) and even more went through it. Does that mean he's on Earth? Even more, could it be the popular fan theory he's Solomon? Or has ties to our mysterious man in black? Oh the answer is killing me even though I know we won't get an answer quite awhile no doubt. Still, that sort of yearning of knowledge means the show has it's hooks fully into me.
On the Illana side I was somewhat disappointed (given we barely get any nuggets of info and seriously when is she getting an episode centric to herself!?), but really her side gave us the truly nightmare fuel the episode gives. I mean seriously there's some screwed up that are shown in this episode that happens to her. I mean she's really put through the ringer mentally and I'm surprised for the second time tonight how much this show and Batman: The Brave and the Bold with it's "Emperor Joker" episode pushed the envelope. AND I LOVE IT! I hope they keep doing just that.
Also Octus ruled in this episode. From the way he figured out something was amiss to how he handled it. Seriously the damn robot is my favorite of the three right now. Also more dad mode of him please. It would made this episode ten times more awesome if he'd saved Lance and Illana in said mode. I know the dude can't do everything, but still makes me sort of want a centric episode with him too. I just have to be patient for that.
Lastly, again the villain in this was a keeper (literally in fact given the ending). From his design to his squid-like face the dude had memorable character written all over him. The only thing I wished we would have seen was him and Modula talking about the plan much like the previous assassin two episodes back. But given the finale, I'll probably get my wish with that too.
All and all, once more Sym-Bionic Titan delivers the goods giving us yet another damn fine episode. I think the show is really starting to hit its stride and if next week's episode shows us, it appears Modula is ready to unleash the numbers game at long last. Still, this episode carried a damn fine foe for our heroes to fight, even if it ended up with a huge monster battle. And that's never a bad thing.

5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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