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1/09/2009 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials...le spoils!

Written by chap22 on Friday, January 09 2009 and posted in Reviews
What? Did you think there would be no Blue Plates in the New Year? Not so fast, my friends!!

Haunted Tank #2

Yeah, this book is gonna be interesting look at how extreme situations can affect your outlook, and how oftentimes prejudices don't bother us until they're directed at in point, our tank commander gets mighty, mighty pissed at ol' Jeb's use of the word "nigrah", yet shows no care at all that his comrades are throwing around "dune coon" and "towelhead" like they were nothing while blowing up Iraqis; great art, more nice war action, and more of the same sly yet uncomfortable humor from last issue; loved it


Detective #852

I'll be damned...Dini has actually made me like Hush; our now-look-alike for the missing Bruce Wayne survives the explosion from 'Tec 850, bags him a cougar, traipses across the globe, steals a lot of Wayne money, and ends up at the feet of a still-pissed off Catwoman; an interesting look at a villain who's finally getting some personality; liked it



Invincible Iron Man #9

I still really like the new status quo and direction, but after 2 issues I need more armor, super-villains, and blowing shit up; I've also decided I liked Larocca's old style a lot better than his new photo-referenced's slick and it still looks good, I just liked the older more comic-y stuff better; anywho, Norman issues his Public Enemy proclamation, Hill gets shot at a lot, and Tony prepares to crash his own hard drive; liked it


Trinity #32

This book's getting so close to being good again; back-up was better than the front story again this week, as we get a nice moment between Triumph and Tomorrow Woman, and a nice related bit with Black Adam; art rocks as always; liked it


Entree: siwarofkings.jpg
SI War of Kings One-Shot
Wow; great story, great art, and some badass ass-kicking; Black Bolt take the Inhumans (all of them, not just the royals) pro-active, uses a weapon created by Maximus to turn his voice into a long-range tactical space weapon, wipes out some space-faring Skrulls and a few Shi'ar ships, and takes command of the Kree empire; Crystal worries, Maximus smiles a lot, Medusa turns hardass, and Black Bolt just does what he do; meanwhile Vulcan accepts the Shi'ar ship destruction as an invitation to war; freaking loved this


Secret Six #5

Yet this was still my favorite book of the week; Junior tortures Bane (and Gail makes me like that big lug for the first time ever), Deadshot acts like Deadshot, Jeanette forces Cheshire to make with the antidote, Trampantula gives Cheshire a swift kick, and in the end, Junior's real identity is revealed and it is disgusting; the usual wit, action, character and great art from DC's most entertaining book; loved it


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