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3/4/09 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials -- le spoils!!

Written by chap22 on Thursday, March 05 2009 and posted in Reviews
Blame home computer problems on my tardiness...here we go!

Secret Six #7

If I didn't already love Gail Simone and this book, this issue would've cemented it, as she gave me one of my top 5 most anticipated moments ever this issue: Trampantula DIES!!!! Anyway, a rousing action-packed conclusion to the first arc here, as all sides converge on Gotham for one big brouhaha for Neron's card. We learn that Deadshot betrayed his teammates in order to save them (although he'll never admit it), Huntress and Grace and Zinda join the party, the Six take a beating until Bane makes a personal sacrifice for Scandal, Mad Hatter takes a midnight swim, and Trampy and Junior get blasted off the Gotham Bridge by pretty much every D-list villain known to man. In the end, the card goes goodbye with them...or does it? One of our team holds onto one last secret, which is a terrific set-up for future stories. Gail and Nicola are really knocking this book out of the park, with gorgeous art, humor, action, and a smart underlying hook to our tale of bad guys held together by little reason. Oh yeah, and Trampantula DIES!!!!!! I LOVED it.


War of Kings #1

Where Marvel's best events continue to occur off-Earth. A tremendous first issue by all involved, as the brutality and danger of this war are evidenced quickly with the destruction of a Shi'ar battle cruiser, and the subsequent beat down laid upon the Kree, Starjammers and Inhumans by the Imperial Guard. We get some nice quieter moments, some HUGE action, and a really, REALLY pissed off royal family by issue's end, as a wedding is interrupted, hands are chopped off, exiled majestrixes are kidnapped, kings get haymakered, and LOTS of cannon fodder dies. Fun story and gorgeous art by Pelletier (who I've admittedly been a HUGE fan of since Negation). I LOVED it.


Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead?

Because YOU demanded it! The opening salvo in the Battle for the Cowl event is essentially BftC: Frontline, I suppose. A fine enough comic, giving brief little half-vignettes on lesser characters related to the Bat-family (Vicki Vale, Spoiler, Leslie Thompkins, and Harvey Bullock & new Det. Harper from recent Robin runs), but absolutely in no way that I can tell required reading. The art from each different artist is nice, and the characterization is strong and distinct, as you would expect from Fabe, but each story is really but half a story (to be continued in GG: Batman Alive), and it feels kinda light because of it. Decent enough, but passable, especially if you're not a huge fan of the bat supporting cast’s supporting cast. I liked it, but nothing special.


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