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3/11/09 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials -- le spoils!!

Written by chap22 on Wednesday, March 11 2009 and posted in Reviews

Let's dive right in to today's meal, shall we?


Guardians of the Galaxy #11

Another strong issue in a strong series here, even without tying in to War of Kings for a while; after being killed by Mentor last issue, Drax and Phylla wake up in Oblivion's dimension, where Phylla loses the quantum bands, faces some ghosts from her past, and is saved by Drax; Drax gives some interesting back-story on the cosmic/metaphysical nature of the Marvel U and its avatars of states of being (Thanos an avatar for death, Drax in a weird way an avatar for life, etc), when the duo is shanghaied by Maelstrom (Oblivion's, or cosmic finality's, avatar), who's trying to use their remnants of life-force to return himself to the land of the living; they defeat Maelstrom, who leads them on the path to find Moondragon, who is trapped in the sleeping body of the Dragon of the Moon; Maelstrom then gains control of the quantum bands and wakes the Dragon with a deal offered up; some good action, nice discussion of the natures of life, death, eternity, oblivion, etc., and nice art (fill-in art provided by Wesley Craig seemed quite fitting for a tale centered somewhere other than "reality"); liked it.


Battle for the Cowl #1

This issue is everything you've expected if you have any idea what the main idea of the mini is; Batman's gone, Gotham's rioting (although all the Penguin vs. Two-Face gang war is told to us rather than shown), and the Bat-gang is trying to keep the place safe while somebody’s running around in a modified Bat-suit using authentic Bat-hardware; anyways, Black Mask frees and "recruits" all the Arkham freaks (or at least ones like Croc, Poison Ivy, Zsasz, Scarecrow, and a few others I had trouble recognizing), Two-Face and Penguin are leading gangs in a turf war, Dick refuses to wear the Bat-suit, Tim doesn't, Damian takes the Batmobile for a joyride trying to scam on some gear head floozy, he gets trapped, Dick saves him, they get blown out of the sky, and just as Black Mask's thugs come in to finish them off, the "new" Batman (who is so obviously Jason Todd it's a wonder they even put a mask on him) swings in guns a' blazing to save them; art's what you'd expect from Daniel, and the writing's probably what you'd expect from an artist too, good in parts but unpolished and with some holes; overall, nothing stupendous, but I liked it well enough.



Captain Britain & MI-13 #11
Now THIS is more like what I was promised when I picked up issue #10; the team feels the effect of Drac's devastating attacks from last issue, Faiza has a tremendous moment (I won't spoil it but it's one of my favorite pages I've read in quite a while and will almost assuredly by my pick for moment of the week) then gains a codename, Wisdom takes total charge of the situation, we see some nice guest-stars from around the Marvel U in Joe Chapman and Clive Reston, and one of the team falls under Dracula's sway; great art and story all the way around; loved it.


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