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Avengers : Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1.09- Living Legend

Written by Zechs on Thursday, November 04 2010 and posted in Reviews

While they search for the Hulk, the Avengers find someone else entirely, Captain America. But before the time-lost hero can recover, Baron Zemo strikes!

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Yet, another somewhat adaptation of another early Avengers story from comic lore. Following the previous episode's teaser, the Avengers find Captain America's frozen body in this episode. However, before they can relax, an old foe of Cap's comes a knocking, Baron Zemo (Heindrich).
Wow, Zemo in the fourth episode? AWESOME. Yes, it's the original version, but truthful the modern costume, skills with a sword, and attitude is all from the current version, his son Helmut. About the only thing in common this version has with his comic counterpart is both suffer the same fate, their hatred for Cap, and well.. what happens at the end of the episode of course. But then all Zemos are well known for that last bit. Still, Zemo established himself nicely as a huge world threat not only to the entire team, but other villains (namely Von Strucker and Hydra) quite nicely. But then, what more can one expect from perfect portrayal of Baron Zemo? Though I have to admit, at first I was weary of Robin Atkin Downes voicing the character during Breakout, but having a full episode of him as the character I have to confess he's grown on me into the role. His voice perfectly fits the character. But enough on Zemo, onto the true focus of the episode Captain America.
The episode played quite nicely of someone truly lost in the moment, still thinking he was locked in World War II styled combat. What followed was a damn fine fight showcasing Cap's fighting skills and power set. I mean dang was that an impressive fight he had in this against all the Avengers save for Wasp. I mean really, some of the stuff Cap did with the shield, just seeing it in animated form in true fashion was a joy to behold. I cannot wait to see such feats against other foes.
Again, the fights where one of the best highlights of the episode with the stuff Cap and Zemo did here. Even their own encounter was nicely timed and nothing fell going on too long like the previous episodes sequences did. I'm really loving how this show is treating every character respectfully with the pros and cons to their powers with again not one character outshining the other. So in that regard I'm glad that the fights here weren't drawn out and a mere hiccup for this series given the last episode.
Though I will say if there's one character truly coming onto her own, I have to say it's the Wasp of all people. She's the most level headed of the bunch and has been the one to be the glue holding the team together. Not to mention she's been a total fun character compared to the fact how the actual comic versions of her are kind of.. well dead (Ultimate and don't ask how. You're better off not knowing.) or half dead, but not plus whose body is living quarters for an Avengers team (I am not making that up. Go ahead read the last issues of Mighty Avengers). Really, it makes you wonder why the hell hasn't she been this well treated in awhile? Still, this show just treats every character golden and I hope they just to continue introduce other Avengers to this series (namely Scarlet Witch and Vision).
Now about the only negative I can say I had with the episode was how quickly the Hulk subplot was dropped. I mean come on, I understand why they just drop things completely to wake up Cap. Still, the Hulk is their responsibility now, and um they just let him walk around. Heck, after the intro Hulk isn't even mentioned anymore. Way to treat a member who got royally screwed last episode! Not to mention the threat Fury made in the same episode over their responsibility for the Hulk now. Yet, here we are them completely disregarding it. But again I just wish they mentioned perhaps of looking for the Hulk still.
Thankfully the Black Panther subplot picked up more juice though, with him breaking into the mansion and another factor he brings in the episode. Honestly, I kinda feel the stuff in the previous episode should have been here and not there cause if it did the stuff would've flowed better then just him showing up early in the last episode before being never mentioned again until this episode. At the very least, things are simmering better on that front.
I really dug this episode. It was a great reintroduction to Cap, it continued some subplots, and had some spectacular fights going on. Plus some great team work as well. I'm really starting to dig this series more so than other Marvel animated series in the past (dare I say even Spectacular Spider-Man). Which of course this means this series will probably last a season or two given Marvel's record with animated programing.

4.5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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