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Spectacular Spider-Man 2.08: Accomplices

Written by Zechs on Saturday, May 30 2009 and posted in Reviews

A disc containing the information in making more Rhino-like power suits is up for auction. The bidders? Hammerhead, Doctor Octopus, and some other surprising guests. Of course, there is no honor amongst thieves, which draws in Spidey with the parties vying for control of the disc. Who will possess it?

* For those who wish to see the second season of Spectacular Spider-Man. It hasn't aired yet in the US, but the show's first season is currently airing on Toon Disney. The second season will finally debut on June 22, 2009 with back to back episodes. For those in Canada, you've already seen all of Season Two on Teletoon and can rub it in US viewers' faces.   


After the lackluster Venom arc, we're back into the main plot teased in 2.05, "First Steps". The "Big Man" aka Tombstone isn't taking too kindly of the entrance of Doctor Octopus and his gang of super powered criminals. The feeling is equally mutual with Ock. However, in this episode two new players and sides are introduced in this episode. Those would be of the former "Big Man" Silvio Manefredi whose voice in this episode is his daughter Sable otherwise known as Silver Sable. The other is perfume mogul Roderick Kingsley. To those puzzled why a perfume mogul would have an interest in crime Spidey is just as puzzled as you are. Nevertheless, if you're a comic book fan you absolutely know and where the character of Kingsley will go from here.

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Obviously, after Fredrick Fosewell, a reporter for the Daily Bugle, informs this to Jonah it draws the attention of Spidey. A massive fight erupts between the six sides (Hammer, Kingsley, and Sable wanting the device for their own ends, while Ock via Rhino and Spidey want the device destroyed, and George Stacy with the police trying to contain this war between the other five combatants). What follows is a roller coaster of an episode that doesn't let up. Honestly, the actual episode's beginning is an adrenal rush as it starts with Black Cat attempting to steal the disc herself.

For fans of this show, wanting to attract other people to this show this would probably be the best episode for them to watch. You need no sort of way to inform them what is going on since Foswell pretty much tells the entire situation to Jonah and Pete. Thus, any new viewer can get caught up what's going on. In addition, this episode showcases highly the fight sequences, which will be quite memorable to twist a viewer into a fan.

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As for this actual episode, it does a nice fair job showcasing each side's positives and negatives against the other's opponents. For example, I really thought Kingsley would not handle himself well against Hammerhead or even Silver Sable. However, the man really does show a talent of being truly cunning and almost getting away with the device with a simple yet old-fashioned kind of plan to secure the device. Mark my words, Roderick will be a player to watch out for if this show has a season three.

For the other new player, Silver Sable she make's quite statement being able to hold her own and more against her foes. She unlike Kingsley uses sheer flair and grace in her attempts to nab the device. I have to admit, she make's quite rival for Spidey and it's a better fit for her as that then the ally she's been in most of her animated appearances (save for the early 00 computer animated show which also made her a villain). And that's what the best thing about this episode is it'll keep you guessing, even though you may think what will be the actual end it throws the rug out from under you and surprise that's not where this show is going. These sorts of twists are starting to be a hallmark of this series.

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The voice acting is perfection as usual with the new additions of Courtney B. Vance giving a cool caculating job as Roderick and Nikki Cox showing off sultry yet witty tone as Silver Sable. As always, John DiMaggio as Hammerhead, Clancy Brown as both George Stacy and Rhino, Tricia Helfer as Black Cat, and Josh Keaton as Peter Parker all deliever some great performances. Once again, even though he has one line of dialogue in the episode, Peter MacNicol make's it count. Again, what people thought of as Mark Hamill with the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, MacNicol is doing with Doctor Octopus here. He is not only raising the standard, but will probably be to fans as THE voice for Doc Ock. Only one word is said by Ock in this entire episode, and throughout the beginning just the way he looks and gestures he oozes presence. Plus he's wearing my favorite form of the Octopus, the power suit.

Which leads me to Fredrick Foswell himself, who really in this episode the spotlight is mostly fixated on? There will be some again surprises that long time viewers will go drop their jaw at some of the antics Foswell has been up too. No doubt viewers will go back to watching previous episodes of this season and the first re-watching certain events with a more clearer view on the character and just how committed he is to being a reporter.

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And speaking of committed, I haven't even talked about the final player in this episode, George Stacy, who is clearly becoming more a player than he ever was in the comics or other media that has portrayed him. With the revelation of the previous episode, that he might know Peter Parker is Spider-Man this possibility is reinforced again in this episode twice. While Peter might not want to admit it, nor is it not said between both men, George knows Pete is Spidey and the later knows this with all the blatant hints the former is throwing to him. Even more, it seems George is fine with this fact since he's not stopping Peter from being Spider-Man. Though this opens up some new possibilities that no doubt we'll be seeing down the road. Will George cover for Pete when he's as Spidey? Will the two directly talk about this fact or go on with the friggin blatant hints? Time will tell it seems.

All and all, this episode was pure joy to watch. It never let up on excitement, action, humor, and twists you just never see coming. Quite simply, this episode so justly deserves the rating I give it. There's nothing of negative to note about it. The only thing left is when watching this episode just sit back and enjoy the ride cause it's gonna be one you won't forget.

5 out of 5


Spectacular Trivia

- Silver Sable unlike her cartoon counterpart is not the daughter to the Crime Lord known as Silvermane. Instead, in the comics she is a mercenary, whose hobby also happens to be hunting war criminals, and running Silver Sable International. When she's not with those three jobs, she also runs the nation of Symkaria, whose neighbor happens to be Latervia, the famous nation run by Doctor Doom. She has been both ally, and enemy to Spider-Man. Silver Sable first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #265. She's also once had an ongoing series that lasted thirty-five issues called Silver Sable and the Wild Pack. Members of the pack included at the time former villain turned hero, Sandman.

- Silvio Manefredi otherwise known to comic book fans as the crime lord, Silvermane. He first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #73. At first, a normal human crime due to his old age he went underwent a process that made him a cyborg (Spectacular Spider-man #69-70).

- Roderick Kingsley is known to comic book fans as the alter ego of the original Hobgoblin. Kingsley is widely known to many comic book fans of Spidey as the Rogue who got away with his crimes. Though as did in the cartoon he first appeared in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man # 43 and didn't seem much. It wasn't until Amazing Spider-Man #238 when he first debuted as the Hobgoblin after a criminal associate discovered a lair of the original Green Goblin. However, Kingsley wasn't revealed to be in the original Hobgoblin in Hobgoblin Lives #3, over ten years since his first actual appearance.

The reason why this was done, was due to Hobgoblin's creator, Roger Stern never had the chance to reveal the identity of the Hobgoblin (his run on Spider-Man ended with Amazing Spider-Man #251). Stern never told anyone who the Hobgoblin's identity was. Later more controversy erupted until finally the Hobgoblin was revealed to be Ned Leeds, even admist numerous plot holes previously. Stern got the chance in 1995 to finally tell who truly was the Hobgoblin in the limited series, Hobgoblin Lives #1-3. Stern then reveals that Leeds was nothing more than a stand-in and fall guy for Kingsley who had grown bored with his criminal lifestyle. However, when his successor Jason Macendale was put on trial and exposed Leeds as the original, Kingsley returned to the Hobgoblin identity and murdered Macendale, for fear it cause an investigation back toward him. After the final revealed as the Hobgoblin, Kingsley was incarnated until he was broken out by Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin. After tricking Norman and later a battle erupting between the two and Spider-Man, Kingsley escaped capture. He fled to the Caribbean and decided to retire from his criminal career. His last official appearance is in Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man #261. He hasn't appeared since and appears for him that crime does pay. Being the only Spider-Man villain not only to retire peacefully but also be the only Spider-Man villain to have only been caught once.

- Fredrick Foswell in the comics was the actual Big Man having first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #10. After some battles with the wall-crawler, he was busted. Eventually, serving some time he returned to his job at the Daily Bugle. However, like the show he also had another identity as Patch a lowly criminal informant. He and Peter began busting up numerous criminal rackets that was until the Kingpin of crime showed up. Hungering for his old career, Foswell returned to his Big Man identity, but was outwitted by the Kingpin. Amused, the Kingpin made Foswell a lieutenant of his criminal empire. That ended, when the Kingpin targeted J Jonah Jameson whose editorials on this new crime wave and for fear he would get to the truth. Foswell arrived just when some hired goons where to finish his boss off and took a bullet for Jonah, mortally wounding him. Foswell died in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #52.

- Roderick has a twin brother named Daniel. It was Daniel who actually first appeared in most of Roderick's appearances (acting as a stand-in) in the Spider-Man comics before first appearing in Hobgoblin Lives #1. However, Daniel posing as Roderick first make's mention of having a brother in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #250. The differences between the brothers is that Daniel is VERY cowardly, sweats a lot, and is prone to say the word, "Gawd." This episode might have also featured the first appearance of Daniel as well with Roderick using him during the bait and switch to fool Spidey, Hammerhead, and Silver Sable.

- George Stacy in the comics also knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man. However, unlike in this series he didn't reveal he knew until he was dying due to saving some children from falling debris caused by Doctor Octopus and confessed this to Spider-Man. This all goes down in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #90.



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