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Avengers- Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1.10: Everything is Wonderful

Written by Zechs on Friday, November 12 2010 and posted in Reviews

His company being driven into the brink of being bought out by Stark Industries, Simon Williams turns to A.I.M. in getting a measure of revenge. Witness the birth of Wonder-Man!

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So we get the inevitable Tony Stark doing a dickish move episode. And alas it comes at the expense of Simon Williams who loses his entire company to Stark. Of course this leads Simon down a desperate path to his brother the Grim Reaper who brings him to A.I.M. to attain said revenge. Now with this new power Simon sets his sights on he who wronged him.
So yet another early Avengers issue adapted which introduced Wonder-Man. Though as per the way with this show it sprinkles the details in a new light (abit with the same end in a way). I have to say this episode just flew by pretty quickly. Unlike other episodes this episode just flew by and before I knew it the episode was over. I mean I guess that's a good thing, but I dunno.
One of the biggest plus has been the nice balance and again the episode does it again with the numerous ways it places the stars of the show without extending just one person per say to the center spotlight. However, I have to admit Hank and Thor's antics during the episode did somewhat steal the episode for me. I mean to see Hank's face go into pure delight at the scientific unknown at the walking bashing things Wonder-Man was sweet. As for Thor well, for some reason his whole tossing a hammer at M.O.D.O.K.'s head cracked me up to no end. Even more so how repulsed he was at the head of A.I.M. Plus Jan's moment with A.I.M. was great too.
Again the fights are epic as heck, with a brutal fight Wonder-Man has with Iron Man to Wasp and Thor's throwdown with A.I.M. Every fight this show has dealt save for one has been memorable as heck so far. I almost wonder how much more a notch can they take things when we get to the real big boys (well sides Zemo and Graviton).
Still so much happened in the episode that'll make any fan of this series and of the Avengers' mouth water with anticipation. On the bad guy sides of things, we get two subplots continued (oh yeeeessss on one and more info on Ultron robots with the other) and another started (was that a cosmic cube I saw with my little eye?). Honestly that's one of the best things I have to say about this show is just how many this show is juggling in only the first handful of episodes. It's almost beginning to get be a bit much. After all yes, one would expect some subplots to be dropped for now, and yet others are strangely absent.
That would be my greatest negative of the episode would be the lack of follow-up on the good guys subplots. I mean no details on the Hulk front and suddenly the fact that a dude in a cat suit who broke into the mansion seems superfluous. I mean you think it be very important to Tony that one lone did that sort of thing, but I guess not.
Also to to mention just how much a bastard Tony is. Sure the end result what he wanted with Simon's company was humane, but the way he brought it about okay you can see that he was misguided. But did he really have to bust out the Hulkbuster-like suit at the end? Other than it looked awesome as heck. Plus just what did Nick mean by not trusting Tony Stark to Cap and not providing anything more on that? I mean come on give us more on that. Maybe tell Cap how Tony dumped the Hulk off to be someone else's problem. Just give him something other than a nice motorcycle with WWII Ultimate Cap helmet.
As for the main the episode centers on, yeah you get the full Wonder-Man backstory here. From his origin to the fact we get a nice Grim Reaper appearance added to the episode. All and all Simon really is the victim here driven to a situation all in due part thanks to Tony's dickery.
So yeah an interesting episode where really one would call filler save for the end and the possible start of another subplot (which makes me wonder how long before the Red Skull rears his head again). In either case, this wasn't as perfect as the previous episode, still not saying it's fully awful. Just that you think they just keep up with the important subplots. Again why nothing on the Black Panther front? What did the fact he saved Cap just make everyone overlook the fact he broke into the mansion? Anyway that's me being petty. Wonder-Man fans will probably dig this episode, but you have to wonder (ugh I really have to stop using that word) how long he'll stay with the side of evil.

4 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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