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Avengers- Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1.11: Panther's Quest

Written by Zechs on Thursday, November 18 2010 and posted in Reviews

The Black Panther enlists the Avengers to liberate his nation of Wakanda from HYDRA and Man Ape.

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So the Black Panther subplot comes to ahead with this episode. We finally get what he was up to the past few episodes and here we learn what he wishes from the Avengers. He needs the team to help them, but not just to help free his people. You see HYDRA has come a calling trying to take some of the precious rare metal the country is well known for to do what the villainous group does best: create nasty weapons.
I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed with the main plot of this subplot, not the resolution mind you, but the actual plot. I mean okay yeah I didn't watch all the micro-episodes but it felt off to have HYDRA included in this. I'm sort of glad the Grim Reaper is being used sparingly and he's all sorts of Destro-like bad assery here, but I felt he should've been left out. That it could been any other evil villainous group doing this. But they really didn't need to be here, but I'm guessing their presence will fuel some future plot-line down the line. Plus we got to see the Reaper in action so I guess that was good.
This episode would have worked so much better as a two parter. I mean things are just so darn rushed here. It's like, okay Panther meets Avengers, they go to Wakanda meet the first hostile tribe and they are properly taken out off screen. Klaw gets barely much to mesh as a character and then he goes all super freaky after the usual accident gone haywire. Honestly, that's my main problem with this episode there was WAY too many supervillains stirring the pot. It detracted with Man Ape who's supposed to be the heavy for the episode just get utterly wasted.
From what fellow Outhouser Greg was saying last week on this episode, I was expecting just this dude and maybe a little bit of Klaw. Instead Klaw freaking steals this dude's moment of villainy. I know Klaw is the #1 Black Panther villain, but I kind of hoped for Man Ape to get his moment before we got full on Klaw. From what we saw, this Man Ape's rule with the country was passable and that anyone could've just walked right in to take over. At least that's what I got with the episode.
As for Klaw it's an interesting take on the character for sure. I mean here we see him obessed with the precious vibranium yet there appeared to be a descent man under the villainous tude. Well until the Reaper changed that with the accident. Oh and OUCH for what happened to the poor dude. I just wish they went into more detail on what happened to him at the end. Was he killed? Nah, he's trapped in his arm thingie right? I wish they where more clear on what happened to him cause it felt like the Avengers killed the dude instead of trapping him. Then again I can't wait to see full on Klaw whenever he appears next.
So what where the positives? Well the whole team ethic between Iron Man, Wasp, and Ant-Man was awesome. Watching Tony and Hank pulling science to defeat Klaw was great to watch. As was Panther's fight with Man Ape and Cap getting even with T'Challa for the life debt. All of that was great too. As for Wasp she had her moments as well with the episode, but she kinda felt put aside for everyone else in this. Plus what's up with Thor? I wonder what he's up too? Asgard trip or did someone nab him?
Also T'Challa is a very fascinating character as well. Honestly, he saved the episode for me. If not for his awesome charm this episode could have been a major mis-step for the show. Instead, it continued to truck along with a tiny bump. I'm so glad with the ending we got with him here, and I cannot wait to see where we go from here with the character and Wakanda. Oh and being an outsider on the character and knowing stuff here and there I think the episode did great with the character of the Black Panther. I just wonder what BP fan #1 Greg felt on this episode?
Still, I just feel this whole story could have been so much more better if it was a two-parter. That we barely skimmed Wakanda and well the story is over. The story was still fun and all, but this really should have been a two-parter. If it was then all the villains that where crammed into this episode could have breathed more not to mention we couldn't gotten more of other things as well. For example more goddamn action details on Black Panther, and more Wakanda all of which made me crave for more when watching this episode. Like I said before, if not for the actual character highlighting this, I'd seen this episode as a major fumble. Thankfully, the characters behind the show made it bearable. I just hope that the next pair of episodes (an actual two parter focusing I'd guess on the Hulk and his rogues) is redeems the show after this episode.

3 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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