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Venture Brothers 4.16: Operation P.R.O.M.

Written by Zechs on Monday, November 22 2010 and posted in Reviews

The fourth season finale has Dean and Hank face their greatest challenge yet, a prom sponsored by their father. Oh OSI and S.P.H.I.N.X. have a throw down as well.

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Numerous plot-lines come to a head with this season finale. Henchmen 21 aka Gary and his dealing with his best buddy 24's death and his crush on Mrs. Monarch. OSI and S.P.H.I.N.X. go toe to toe with an ending you just never see coming. Plus other small arcs get resolved with the grand plot being Hank and Dean's prom after graduating the high school program that was in their beds.
I have to admit, I'm a mixed bag with the end result of this finale. I was expecting I dunno something grander. Maybe the Revenge Society exacting unholy revenge upon everyone. I mean who else didn't think that was going to be the finale? But nope it isn't. Instead, we get a total left field swerve from Hammer and Publick. Is it a great season finale? Honestly I enjoyed the last two season's more than this one. That's not to say this was bad and awful, and it's better than Season 1's, but I expected so much more.
It was like forty minutes of okay some stuff getting resolved but nothing too utterly epic. Then the reveal of who the Rookie of S.P.H.I.N.X. was and given the credits to the opening I totally saw it coming yet still it was a grand twist. The next twenty minutes where just balls to the wall gripping and just totally fitting a season finale. I just wish the first forty minutes where as good as those last twenty.
I mean sure there was some good amongst that time. The best being the "What is the Rusty Venture?" in sexual positions were we get just everyone's interpretation on it. Yeah the joke ran on a long while, but the bleeping and hearing it what it possibly is from a Sean Connery impersonator made me tear up with laughter. Like-wise the solution to Rusty's lack of attaining any females by drugging them with a genetically altered fly hormone with an unwitting DOCTOR Billy Quizboy assisting him.
The other being the OSI/S.P.H.I.N.X. subplot with the two heads the General Treister and Hunter having a conversation of what the later learned after capturing Monstroso and some Guild activities. What we get is some epic voice acting from Toby Huss as the General Treister and not one but THREE Marvel Comic character homages with him in the episode. The resulting end with this particular plot has me VERY curious as to where things will be going with the OSI/S.P.H.I.N.X. once Season Five gets going (which is confirmed but it could be two to three years since Hammer and Publick stated they wanted a little rest time after this sixteen episode season). About the only problem I had was this wasn't the goddamn main plot cause it was so damn gripping.
Which of course when talking about the Venture Brothers one cannot help but talk of failure, since the two go hand in and hand. That much was very present in this episode for the most part with a ton of characters just getting their hearts ripped from their bodies and have their beloved crackle wickedly not showing the slightest care. Honestly this is where I think the episode suffered. The plots with Hank and Dean just dragged on and on. Sure we got a continuity nod here and there plus the awful revelation of what Triana has been up to since she moved in with her mom and step father. But I just felt it went on too much and I wanted to see more of the other stuff going on. Though on the plus side Dean is so going down the super villainy path now and is truly the heir to the Guild or maybe getting the Revenge Society to get revenge on that Cripster ass that's dating Triana.
But back to what truly worked and that was the final twenty minutes. I mean seriously once that reveal was um revealed the show just dialed everything up to a ten. What followed was just an epic chase sequence with Brock vs. mystery villain. What followed afterward was a nice closure for the two characters and damn shocking but again once you realized who was behind the Rookie's mask everything fell into place on what was going to happen next. All of which was capped off with this glorious image:
I mean seriously nothing gets as epic and full of win then that sort of look on Brock Sampson's face. Honestly that was my favorite moment of the night because I so missed that look. You just know afterwards there is now going to be a mass grave for the bodies that where lost. Oh and before anyone asks why Brock just slaughtered a bunch of innocents. They weren't, mystery villain wasn't joking. They where just so damn horned out on Rusty's fly juice that they didn't do the killing until well. Go watch the damn episode.
As for the finale with Henchman 21 (aka Gary)'s various subplots, I found it a fitting end. On one hand we get confirmation if he's insane or talking to the dead. Like-wise we get an ending with romantic triangle that started between Mrs. Monarch making out with him. I'm really curious to see what Gary develops into next season. That's truly what pains me the most because watching him develop into what he is now has been truly a joy to watch. I mean here was a nerd who got one punched by Brock and has evolved into an utter bad ass almost to Brock's level of bad assery. This season was truly Gary's as we watched epic moment after moment with him. And it all culminated with this episode.
So yeah, once more another Venture Brothers season closes. I have to admit, I liked this season more than three. Sure that one had the better season finale, but with the overall episodes this one just knocked it out of the park. I mean there where a TON of great episodes here while Season Three just didn't go anywhere much. Sure it planted the seeds for this season, but really Season Four was a season of change and ultimate failure. Well unless your the Alchemist and Shoreleave. Then it was made of epic VICTORY!! Oh and Sgt. Hatred too. WHAT THE HECK? Hatred gets a happy end this season?! What the hell. Of all the people to get a good end he gets one?! Anyway, yeah failure seem to strike back hard in this episode and overall this entire season. It just makes you wonder when Season Five arrives what will happen next to our favorite group of Ventures, S.P.H.I.N.X. villains, and revenge motivated villains? All I know is, that something utterly bad ass will happen next season given the results of this one's end. I mean seriously you now have the three most utterly kick ass characters TOGETHER on the same team. That means the bad guys are truly boned now. Unless of course Dean's path to supervillainy counters all of this.
Otherwise again the season finale wasn't bad but it stretched thin a bit in some places during the first forty minutes. However, once those last twenty hit the show just kicked into high gear and never looked back. At first, I was going to give it a three. But goddamn the whole Rusty Venture sexual position joke and the last twenty minutes I cannot give this episode an average grade. Though it isn't perfect episode either. I just really wish this was a more balls to the wall finale given all we had before it. Yeah I know it wouldn't have said Venture Brothers around it, but still I hungered for more Revenge Society. I guess this will only strength their ranks and Knife Bear will be their secret weapon against the Guild and OSI. Also the last twenty even if they came out of nowhere, still doesn't save the episode from the dragging we got before hand. I mean it just feels like the creators behind this wrote a half hour episode before Adult Swim told them, they wanted an hour long finale. Still, it's a damn shame this is the end till who knows when. So here's hoping Season Five is next year because damnit I miss this show already!!!

3.5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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