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Uncanny X-Force #2 Review

Written by GLX on Friday, November 26 2010 and posted in Reviews

GLX reviews Uncanny X-Force #2.

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Jerome Opena
Colorist: Dean White

Rick Remender and Jerome Opena crafted one hell of a opening issue
with Uncanny X-Force #1. It was sharply written, beautifully drawn and
was worth the price of admission. With issue #2, Remender and Opena
haven't missed a beat.

In issue #1, Fantomex was best element of the comic. This time around,
Remender does a solid job of handling the villains. When Apocalypse
repeat's the lesson that Clan Akkaba has taught him, it reminded of
Darkseid's possession of Dan Turpin's body. Through Apocalypse's
dialogue, it appears as if his host is resisting him to no avail. Like
Turpin, I expect the host to give up. Easily the coolest part of the
comic is the introduction of the Final Horsemen. They're odd, creepy
and badass. By the end of the comic, it should be very clear that
these are some stone-cold killers. Kudos to Remender and Opena for
such an inspired group of villains.

Dealing with X-Force, Remender's character focuses on the relationship
between Warren and the rest of the team. After all, Warren was once a
minion of Apocalypse and the team's concerns over him are justified.
The main force that the team is counting on to keep Warren in check is
Psylocke; the conversation between her and Warren over her decision to
join the team is handled well. My only complaint about Remender's
writing is Deadpool. Two issues in and I still haven't warmed up to
the character. Then again, that could be affected by the amount of
heavy exposure that the character has received.

Opena's art compliments Remender's script well. His style is rough,
but it's easy on the eyes and it's clear; his character designs for
the Final Horsemen are bizarre, yet cool. Dean White's colors maintain
the dark mood that Opena's art established. His color palette is a bit
more muted than other colorists, but his work is solid and unique.

Uncanny X-Force #2 is definitely worth a look. It's a gritty and
riveting read. For those that want to jump in with issue #2, the comic
should be accessible for new readers. I can't wait for issue #3.

8.2* out of 10*

Written or Contributed by: GLX

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