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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1.12 & 1.13: Gamma World

Written by Zechs on Friday, December 03 2010 and posted in Reviews

The Avengers find themselves at the mercy of the Leader. Their only hope lies in the branded traitor former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Hawkeye (dear God too many adjectives!!!), and of course the Hulk.

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As shown during the last episode, the Leader's great plan was set into motion. Not soon after it ensnares all the Avengers save for Thor who's been captured. The only hope for the world now is Hawkeye. Yeah the world is pretty much the Leader's isn't it?
So we get our first group super brawl of mighty proportions with the Avengers going toe to toe with all of the Leader's lackeys. And what an assortment they are. We got the U-Forces, Wrecking Crew, Absorbing Man, Abomination, and Zzzax. Add we get somewhat closure with the Hawkeye/Black Widow subplot that was built in the micro episodes and you got a VERY packed pair of episodes.
What worked for the episodes the most where the Hawkeye parts. Really, everything about him in the episode was gold. About the only thing that would've made the stuff with him more great was seeing him survive in a world where he's hunted by about everyone. Still, I'm almost surprised that for a title that just screams Hulk-related and has all his rogues, the jade skined one only appears in part two and really has minor role compared to Hawkeye.
I mean don't get me wrong, the stuff with the Hulk and Banner just ruled. Watching Banner just take apart the Leader's grand plan was sweet. You totally can see why Banner was the pioneer of this field and not have Hank steal the entire spotlight (who didn't have a real active part save for the cameo in part 2). So yeah again the show did an alright job juggling everyone. About the only person who didn't do much was Cap and Iron Man (save for the squabble in part one against the first wave of the Leader's goon squad).
Really that was about the only Avengers who did things where the Wasp (for reaction and well honestly to just give the show utter fanservice with her prancing around in tattered clothing for almost the entire episodes) and T'Challa. Thor of all people made the rounds and had really the best showing of all the "current" roster of Avengers taking on a group of his own rogues in this episode. And honestly, the stuff with him and the Leader was just so damn awesome. Major kudos as well with the writers of the episode for just handling him perfectly.
Then again, you had Jeffery Combs voicing him and given his voice plus add the fact he was playing a mad scientist. I mean you couldn't get better casting then that? I really hope this isn't the last of Combs as the Leader, cause for me it was one helluva treat. He just added the perfect arrogance without having to resort to, "SO SAYS.. THE LEADER!"
About the biggest disappointment for me was Doc Samson did about nothing in the episode. He's a bigger chump then Hank it seems, getting beaten up around ninety-eight percent of the story and have his own tech be used against him. I mean geez, you'd think the gamma exposure decreased his brain cells instead of making them better?
Another bit of plot that disappointed me, was we never see Black Widow get Hulked. I mean we see the shield start to reach her and cutaway. Damnit show, you give us Wasp-Hulk, but you wimp out on Black Widow-Hulk? I do get that Clint had all the evidence he needed to reverse what Natasha did to him, though interestingly unless a later episode picks up on, it appears the traitorous Widow isn't responsible for the massive break-out. If not her then who (I'm laying odds with it being Ultron)?
Once more, I keep saying the biggest strength other than the juggling with Avengers this show has done not all that bad a job with the sub-plots either. We get the end of the Hulk subplot and it appears the icing on the villainous cake with the Masters of Evil one. Sure it came out of nowhere, but come on. Now that Zemo has a complete squad of bastards (Enchantress, Executioner, Crimson Dynamo, Zola, Wonder-Man, and now the Abomination) you know what we're about to see in the next episode with them is SO going to be epic. I just wonder how far they'll take the episode and if they'll be adapting the original Zemo's end? Though I doubt it and admit that the original is just too good a rogue at the moment to kill (even though part of my inner fanboy wants Helmut).
The thing I enjoyed most about these pair of episodes was just the overall escalation that the story took. Just when you think you the viewer couldn't be more shocked then BAM the writers hit us with a twist (some you can see coming but one I bet nobody did). Throughout the episode the tension just got better even if you the viewer knew things wouldn't be just that easy. Oh and the G.I. Joe reference was trippy.

Part 1: 3 out of 5

Part 2: 4 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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