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Sym-Bionic Titan 1.11: The Fortress of Deception

Written by Zechs on Saturday, December 04 2010 and posted in Reviews

Season 1 comes to a close as Solomon Kane returns to capture Lance and Ilana, demanding answers.

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Well, the moment we've waited for is here. Solomon Kane and his G3 group are back with unholy vengeance at long last after the brief teaser of them four episodes ago. Using the evidence Solomon attained way back in episode two, he's finally tracked our trio to where they live. Obviously things aren't going to be the same after this episode.
Well, yeah I've missed out on reviewing this series and am sad I missed out in reviewing some memorable episodes (the previous two episodes namely). But after watching the previews to this one, I'm glad to be around to review this.
So yeah our trio and Solomon finally have their first confrontation and what a meeting it is. Obviously it isn't peaceful at all as I'm almost reminded of X2 and the way government agents broke into Xavier's school. We're treated to two just awesome action sequences of Lance just destroying the first two waves of guards sent to capture him before the numbers game end his reign. The other is just something totally through me through the loop and that's Octus versus Solomon. I mean geez that fight was just wow. Both are just beasts and to watch them go at each other was just glorious.
The other somewhat surprise was that we get full confirmation that G3 is using Galaluna technology. Obviously this fuels the fire that Lance's dad might be the mind behind G3. Though it doesn't for now appear that Solomon isn't Lance's pop, I'm curious if he's the Baron dude from three episodes back, but probably not given he recognize Lance right away, and he's just looking for answers.
Really again the best part of this episode is Solomon who just gets much needed exposition here. We see how the man works and yeah he also brings about the only negative in the episode. I mean really the utter predictability of Solomon throwing himself in with the pair as a "prisoner". But then again I guess the writer of the episode point that this whole entire episode was Solomon just testing and getting his answers that way then just the 24 approach (aka torture) which utterly failed. Still other than Octus, Solomon is the character that strikes me the most fascinating. Sure he's an Alucard homage, but given this episode and what we've seen of him, he's just so damn mysterious, though it appears he's human and not alien.
Also geez, we're only eleven episodes in and I think half of them Lance has been shirtless in almost all of them. One can almost develop a drinking game with this dang show already. I mean drink once if: Lance is shirtless, General Steel wants to shoot first, ask questions later, Modula does something utterly evil, Illana uses Earth customs against Earthlings, and of course Octus being bad ass. Yeah that is somewhat predictable but I won't hold it against this show. And yes, we got some female fanservice in the last episode, but damnit I want more of that kind than Lance shirtless!
*ahem* Anyway what really gets me intrigued is the end with Solomon and someone I'll nickname "Dr. Claw". The later just lambastes Solomon for forgoing his orders of merely watching them, which makes you wonder just who this new player is? Obviously whomever this "Dr. Claw" is, their obviously the cause of G3 having Galaluna technology. Is it Lance's father? Or is it someone else?
Curious questions unbound, and I hope season two arrives by the spring of next year. All and all there was some troubling episodes at the start, but show hit it's stride around the Shaman of Fear episode and really after only one mis-step , really found it's ground. I really cannot wait to see where this show goes next. Not to mention given Lance, Illana, and Octus have voted to remain, you just know Solomon and G3 will be knocking on their doorstep again sometime in Season Two again. I for one cannot wait for that.

4.5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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