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Young Justice 1.01 & 1.02: Independence Day

Written by Zechs on Monday, December 06 2010 and posted in Reviews

Justice strikes hard as a new team of young superheroes form up to tackle the stink of crime that reeks across the world.

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Not a real adaptation from the comic book from the same name, Young Justice chronicles three young superheroes deciding to say to hell with being the side-kicks and actually do super-heroing on their own. In this intro episode they crash an organization named Cadmus, who's housing a program that involves cloning Superman. Oh and genetically mind controlling critters.
I have to say, when I first heard about this project I was excited like hell. After all, I thought about the comic book and what it was about. Then the release that they be using Dick Grayson as Robin and Wally West as Flash even though they are using Miss Martian and Superboy (Conner Kent) two more modern heroes. To say the least, I was crushed at this wasted opportunity. Still, my mind was optimistic given the talent behind this show (one a hand in the recent Spectacular Spider-Man series and the other director of Batman: Under the Hood) when they announced this series would be one of the Earths from the 52 Multi-verses of the DCU. Okay that peeked my interest again. Even more them stating death, change, and sex be all over this show. So again that intrigued me.
So here it is the first two episodes introducing us to this new world of DC. Right at the onset we're shown it through the various side-kicks with them taking on various ice related foes. Honestly, this was my favorite part of the episode. Even if the fight with Captain Cold was lacking. Still, a nice beginning. When the actual plot came about well. um. Honestly, I have to admit I found it lacking.
To start off, of all the super-villains in the DC universe they chose Blockbuster to be this episodes heavy? Ugh... I just found the villain just so lacking in the threatening department even when he went all Doomsday-lite at the end. Heck Guardian I could see and some of the other people of Cadmus being the villain here. But, to have Blockbuster as the primary rogue for this? Come on why couldn't it've been a more capable villain like Hamilton as Ruin? Henshaw as the Cyborg Superman (WHAT?! He's one note and more superior to what we got! Le sigh I can already hear the mocking for the villain choice)? Even Doctor Polaris or the freaking  Dr. Milo would've been more exciting to me than Blockbuster.
What can I say? I'm not much a fan of the character outside of the crime lord role he played in the Nightwing comics. He's just a scientist struggling with the situation at hand and suddenly got all nuts at the climax. Suffice to say I hope their future filler villain choice is so much superior than what we got here.
Still, the other negative I have to say about the show is Robin. Consider this first episodes blues for me. Just numerous issues, brought the character down for me. The whole laughing in the background, annoyed me when it was repeated. Even more his voice actor just felt off to me. It felt like he slurred his speech for a bit. In that regard the whole tone of Robin and the way he acted just didn't ring well. All of which can be fixable down the line, but for now the character annoyed me when he shouldn't be.
So what did I like? Easiest to say would be the animation which is quite possibly the best looking DC cartoon in ages. The action was fluid and exciting to watch. The other voice actors for the main team where quite nice. I couldn't even tell that was Nolan North voicing both Superman and Superboy until seeing the actual credits. Plus Kid Flash stole the show for me. Aqualad was good as well, though there where at times I couldn't help but think of Spyke (from X-Men: Evolution) in watching the character. Hopefully, he has a better and much more expanded role than poor Spyke getting pushed aside during Season 2.
The other I enjoyed was the numerous subplots employed during the episode. We have a Roy Harper quitting, the Ice Villains attacking on the same day, the furthering of the actual Young Justice team, and of course the mysterious the Light, cause I don't seem to remember them from the comics. Though I really wonder who's behind this group? A collection of DC Super-villains? New Gods? Mad Scientists R Us? Dr. Light talking to himself? Alternate Earth DC heroes? The current staff of DC Editorial!?
For a opening shot this wasn't too bad. But with some fine tuning this could be an actually interesting show. All it needs is tweaking Robin the right way and better villains its possible this show can be the usual fun DC fare. Given the people behind this show, I think it's safe to say the show will get that way eventually. Still, as far as first episodes go, the show wasn't bad, but not good either. I'm still astounded at how almost movie-quality the animation is. And okay I'll admit it, the shot of the Justice League arriving was awesome, but that's so not going to effect my score. Yeah I might be in the minority here, but I felt this two parter was rather meh. Again, I can see a bright future for this show, but for now it was an average start.

Part 1: 2 out of 5

Part 2: 3 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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