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Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes 1.14: Masters of Evil

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, December 07 2010 and posted in Reviews

Need I say more than the title of the episode speaks for itself?

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For the past couple of episodes, the Enchantress has been seeking various super-villains who hate various members of the Avengers. After last week's episode we see one of the greatest villain teams together fully at long last. Though not the first interpretation of them (that belongs to the 60s cartoon), with Wonder-Man, Crimson Dynamo, Abomination, Executioner, Armin Zola (who really doesn't do much but be in the final scene of the episode. Come on! Include him in on this fun!), Enchantress, and of course Baron Zemo. The Masters of Evil stand ready to prove the name as they attack the Avengers.
Oh boy, oh boy, how I longed to see this episode the moment they began to hint at the team forming. Sure the Avengers have various arch-foes throughout their long comic book history, but a little story called Under Siege and Thunderbolts sealed the popularity of this group in villain history.
I have to say, this was a nice somewhat homage to that very story with Baron Zemo laying siege to Avengers Mansion and picking off the team one by one. Even with unpredictability of new members Black Panther and Hawkeye, the scheme of Zemo's was very sound in the episode.
Still, about the only disappointments I can say I had with the episode are two of note. One this wasn't a two-parter, because gosh darn it this kinda of treatment deserves more than an episode. I mean their the Masters of Evil. They deserve that much, but alas we get but an episode with them. Though I will admit at the end of the episode it did feel a bit more of a downer that the Masters aren't doing their own thing and at the call of another (and the creators of the show make no attempt to hide that being). Couldn't that be the Lethal Legion or some other
group to be at the beck and call of this master manipulator.
Yet, the moment Zemo demanded Thor bow before his "Masters" I totally geeked out, just an awesome scene. Sure he had his single moment before, but goddamn did Zemo have a TON of great villain moments in this. That and him owning the Abomination was just awesome. Yeah this is the original Zemo they're using, but I see the superior Zemo (his son) creeping through the actions and moves of this version. Also dat voice is just so darn perfect for the character too. So major props to Robin Atkins Downes and here's hoping this show lasts long (which it's status is starting to scare many due to the re-scheduling of this and other new episodes to Sunday mornings).
Another thing I enjoyed was the focus on the two newbies (Panther and Hawkeye) and the banter between them. The opening scene after the credits was hilarious, not to mention the way they attempted to take back the mansion. Again if anything deserved more expansion with the Masters it would be more moments involving these two. I'm really enjoying Hawkeye's banter and the Panther's cunning.
Really, the other bit I didn't like of the episode was how it all fell apart. It was just so darn quick. One minute the Masters are winning than a mere blink later it's all over. I mean come on, Zemo even knew who the big problem was and he should've anticipated said problem. Yet, damnit he fell right into it. Curse you stereotypical mistake!
Still, it was an damn epic fight. It was nice seeing the Avengers tangle with a group with the same power set. Even if it was all but brief which is the greatest crime of all. This episode felt like a mere teaser to things to come. Just when you think that maybe this subplot has come to ahead, SURPRISE it isn't. I will admit I'm glad that way. Just because it gives the Avengers someone other than HYDRA and A.I.M. that won't just simply be caught and tossed back into a super prison.
All and all it was a great episode, just not the perfect episode. Again, it falters with so much of a good story that you hate that it's only but an episode that gets to tell it. Though I won't admit having Gamma World should have been the one off and this the two-parter. Why? Because then it give us but one episode of Jeffery Combs as the Leader. No way should we deny ourselves that! NEVER! Plus unlike he alas, the Masters will be back and I cannot wait for round 2. Though it does make me ponder, if they'll be saving them for the season finale or will we see them next sooner? Hopefully the later.

4 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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