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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1.15: 459

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, December 14 2010 and posted in Reviews

Suddenly the universe gets a whole lot bigger for Ant-Man and Wasp.

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Hank Pym is called upon by a S.H.I.E.L.D. friend of his named Carol Danvers to investigate a particular object heading toward the Earth. What it leads too will rock the Avengers world and a new hero stands revealed, Captain Mar-Vell.
So yeah, this is the episode that just opens the floodgates open for the cosmic side of the Avengers. Where we might get an animated Kree/Skrull War (hey that's even alluded too in the episode. SWEET), Operation Galactic Storm, and all those epic Avengers cosmic tales we all know. I just love that with this episode we're getting an even larger picture of this universe and just how much an impact this group is slowly starting to have. Even though it's a small pebble thrown at a larger creature.
Not only that but we get the introductions of two new heroes to this animated world: Ms. Marvel and Captain Mar-Vell. Honestly, I'm hoping we get Carol's other alias' Warbird or Binary cause it might be a tad confusing to most why she be called as such. Still, her appearance and what happens to her throughout the episode is a nice hint of things to come.
As for the star hero of the episode, Mar-Vell he was interesting a nice combination of both 616 and Ultimate versions. Honestly, I prefer the Ultimate look than the regular one he had in the regular Marvel comics since it looked so darn human compared to this freaky alien look. I mean heck I couldn't even tell the dude was a Kree agent. Here you can totally buy this is a dude part of a big alien empire. I cannot wait to see where his character arc goes from here on out.
Another element I loved about this episode was Hank. He's such a loveable dope in this in his way of thinking and his relationship with Jan. This Hank blows the comic version out of the water for me and I cannot help but find him so darn intriguing. Gosh when Ultron goes nuts this will be interesting to watch. Still the way he acts on how to deal with this new alien life form actually made sense then the shoot first KILL stupid alien, usual first encounters bring. Also the stuff with him and Jan was very nice and almost tender.
Leading to what I hated about the episode, the Wasp. Usually the most amusing of the Avengers, in this episode she came off really annoying and almost reminded me why I hate her comic version. She was hogging the light so much just utterly crushing Hank's heart to see the actual truth. So much of this episode had aspects of her comic half which made me cringe when she just realize that Hank carries a HUGE torch for her just is a weak fool. Still, at the very end it appears she might rebound of the great flaws her comic version had. So there's that.
All and all, this was a nice introduction into the cosmic aspect of the Marvelverse. From here you just wonder if this show can go into Galactus, Thanos, again the actual Kree/Skrull War which could lead to Ronan The Accuser, the Supreme Intelligence, Super-Skrull, and who knows what? This was a nice teaser for what is to come though honestly I'm betting we won't know till the next season which is a drag. Still, if this show endures and gets that next season I cannot wait to see what the people behind this show can bring. Because I see awesome epic stuff and I want more!

3 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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