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RUviews - Trade Wait Episode Volume 4

Written by GHERU on Wednesday, August 08 2012 and posted in Reviews

RUviews - RU's Trade Wait Episode Volume 4

Hello there internet people, its your good buddy RU, here to discuss the recent trades he has read, and its not because he is too lazy to keep up with his single issues.

Nope, not at all.

Red Lanterns Volume 1: Blood And Rage, Suicide Squad Volume 1: Kick In the Teeth, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 1: Freefall , Demon Knights Volume 1: Seven Against The Dark, Venom Volume 1, Daredevil Volume 1, Blacksad: A Silent Hell, & Resurrection Man (OldDC) Volume 1



For this RUview, I am going back to the older format of worst --> best, followed by an older trade that I am just now getting around to.  Lets get to it!



Red Lanterns Volume 1: Blood And Rage – When I say  “worst” what I really mean is “liked the least.” I am, finally, very happy with where my pull list and buying habits are.  I know that this will annoy some people because it will seem that I like everything.  I chose to look at it as if I like everything I am spending my hard earned money on.

OK, that’s done, on to Red Lanterns.  There is a group of books from NuDC where the major critiques all seem to boil down to “this book is too absurd”/”crazy”/”unbelievable,” and these are valid complaints if you do not like those attributes.  I love them! Another complaint about comics in general right now is that they are not “fun” anymore. Red Lanterns is a ton of fun.  It is absurd, silly, crazy and all the things that serious business readers don’t like, add to that the fact that it is a spin off of internet punching bag Loeb’s work then it’s a perfect storm of hater-aid.  Comics are entertainment, and some are there for your brain, and some are there for your enjoyment for Red Lanterns turn your brain off.  All that being said, I’ll get volume 2…eventually, when I have a light month.  It was a solid B / B- and not a book I am dying to see what happens next.  Same with the next book –

Suicide Squad Volume 1: Kick In the Teeth – See above regarding what I think of most of the complaints regarding this book.  One more thing, I have never read a Suicide Squad book before this, so I do not care how this compares to previous incarnations.  Considering that this is NuDC, and it’s a NuUniverse, I am not supposed to care either.  But, again, not going to rush out for Volume 2.  This was a wild ride, and I am curious to see where it goes, but I’ll wait for a month where my pre-orders aren’t so high.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 1: Freefall – I’ll say it again, Season 8 sucked balls! Do not read it if you can help it, go to Wikipedia or something to figure it all out…then explain it to me.  Season 9 on the other hand, feels like classic Buffy; funny, heartfelt, stressful, and caring, add this to Angel & Faith, and we have some great concurrent stories going on.  Too bad about the Spike mini coming out soon and the awful writer attached to it, Victor Gishler.  Already pre-ordered volume 2.

Demon Knights Volume 1: Seven Against The Dark – DC, cause you are watching, let this book play out.  For the love of all that is holy, let this play out.  Demon Knights has the potential to be one of the few mainstream great epic stories, if you leave it be.  I’ve always been a fan of Jason Blood/Etrigan, add the Shining Knight, Vandal Savage, and Madame Xanadu to the mix and you have a can’t miss story.  Paul Cornell is taking his time to set up his universe with introductions that feel natural and add to the story rather than take away.  RU WANT MORE NOW!

Venom Volume 1 – Never, ever, did I think I’d read, let alone buy, a Venom book.  Thank G-d for Remender.  Out of Spider-Man’s shadow both Venom and Flash Thompson shine.  This does run along side of Amazing Spider-Man, but as a non-Spidey reader (I hate Ramos) I was not lost at all.  Issue 5, was one of the best single issues of a “super-hero” book I have read in a long time.  RU WANT MORE NOW…and has already preordered volumes 2 and 3.

Daredevil Volume 1 – I read the first issue of this relaunch when it came out and did not get the hype, but there are only so many “best book of the year” quotes someone can read before giving it another shot.  Good thing I did.  I think what turned me off before was how disjointed it felt from the dark and grittier Bendis, Brubaker, and Diggle eras. Time, and issue #2 heal all wounds.  I’m not going to say “best book of 2012” but damn if it isn’t he best Daredevil book since Bendis’ run ended.

Blacksad: A Silent Hell – Its books like Blacksad that make me angry with the anti-super hero crowd.  Rather than bitch and moan about all the books that are “ruining” whatever pick up the great alternatives that are out there.  Blacksad: A Silent Hell is a beautifully painted crime noir book touching all the right notes, blues, drugs, sex, corporate greed, fathers and sons, & love.  If you do not listen to me about anything else, go out and buy the two volumes available in English (if you know Spanish, then you are in luck) and enjoy the ride.

Resurrection Man (OldDC) Volume 1 – I see why this book was not successful (in either universe), its too far out there, too much actually happens, status quos change, and people die for realz (though, not everyone); and that is unacceptable to us readers.  Abnett and Lanning are, as always, great…and, as always they were canceled too early.  DC, still watching, where is volume 2!? RU wants to know how this all ends!

That's it for now, and until I get off my butt and do this again: later peeps

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