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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1.16: Widow's Sting

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, December 21 2010 and posted in Reviews

Hawkeye tries to settle things once and for all with his treacherous ex-partner the Black Widow.

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Throughout the series so far, Hawkeye has had a certain itch to nab and avenge his dishonorable fall at the hands of his former partner, the Black Widow. He's had various chances but things got in the way from him attaining it. Now with no super-villain threat to stop him, Hawkeye finally attempts to get his revenge with oh the entire organization of HYDRA (besides zillions of HYDRA foot-soldiers Grim Reaper, Viper, and Baron Von Strucker himself) in front of him. But he has his fellow Avenger team-mates Captain America and Black Panther with new S.H.I.E.L.D. field agent Mockingbird for back-up. That seems like a fair match-up.
Well, with the last big sub-lot that lingered in the past several episodes namely this quest of Hawkeye's ending we get a whole slew of possible new subplots being planted in this episode. Not to mention we get a TON of names being dropped that should prove VERY interesting in future episodes (A nefarious Count? A possible Winter Soldier subplot? Gorgon and Clan Yashida? Plus did Grim Reaper just name-drop the Kingpin?). However out of the numerous easter eggs two jump to the forefront namely A.I.M.'s construction of the cosmic cube bearing fruit and one coming out of nowhere (even if it was hinted at in the previous episode). I have to say, God do I not want this show to ever end. There is so much win with this series that I cannot hope to pray that this thrill a minute ride doesn't end.
I have to admit after last week's trip with Wasp being an uber bitch here we have Clint being arrogantly blissful as well. At the very least, unlike Janet who spent about 99% of the episode just being a hamper, Clint's acting like man with a death wish has a very well defined reason. Still, he was still concerned with all those involved in his little suicide mission and I think we've gotten a somewhat end to this subplot with him just going after the Black Widow any chance he could in his spare time.
Though come on, who cannot see the twist coming she is not a triple agent? I mean who else put the signal for Cap and T'challa to find the actual HYDRA base? Not to mention her actions when Strucker had Clint's life in the palm of his hand. Still, the moment will be awesome as will this show. Plus her whole fight with Clint was just a real sweet action piece.
Everything about this episode just clicked right. From M.O.D.O.K. (I follow that A.I.M. is run by Midway thus they mean Konquering :P) little attempt at being courageous to utterly falling flat on his big head with an arrow stuck to his head (I hope one of T'Challa's energy knifes go into it next just for the reaction) and the way he went about handling the whole cosmic cube affair. Then there's Mockingbird who we got a hint at in the micro-series now full blown in this episode. I have to admit she was pretty awesome and I cannot wait to see where her character goes from here.
Though given that I am Zechs I cannot help but be oh so gleeful more back on the villain side with Grim Reaper. Dear God, whomever was the voice director who decided Lance Henriksen be the voice is a freaking genius. I've never much enjoyed the character until now, and kinda hope that his end in this is VERY short lived. I mean yeah he's had a LOT of appearances, but come on you have to admit every one of them was just epic. Still, almost stealing the show from under him is Viper who is um.. just wow. I mean just look for yourself.
I will never think of hand grenades the same way again.
Really I felt no real weakness in the episode. It was a VERY nice thrill ride from beginning to end. Sure Clint really is still at square one where he began with the episode. I mean really the only thing I could nitpick would be Cap's reason (I mean we get a good reason from T'Challa, but really Cap's is like, "Okay I'm helping Clint." Not very leader-like, but meh this episode was fun as hell. With the ending I really am beginning to wonder that a cosmic arc might be coming not in awhile, but in just a handful of episodes. Oh, and I think this episode just throws the Widow being behind the massive jail break now. All hail my Ultron theory!

5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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