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This Week In Punchy for 08/29/12

Written by Niam Suggitt on Saturday, September 08 2012 and posted in Reviews
This Week In Punchy for 08/29/12

It's a rather truncated edition of TWiP this week (for various reasons, too complicated to explain), so the reviews are even shorter than usual! But rest assured, they are still the same great blend of reactionary opinion and stupid predictions.


Avenging Spider-Man #11– An odd one this, It doesn’t really fit into the ethos of this title, because it’s not a team-up with a fellow Avenger (unless Aunt May joined the team without me noticing) but it was a good tie-in to the whole 50th Anniversary thing and it was pretty emotional too. Even 50 years on, Uncle Ben’s death can still make me cry.


Captain Marvel #3– Because of the two book-end scenes, this issue felt a little light, but I still enjoyed it. Carol’s no-nonsense attitude continues to be a lot of fun and it’s cool to see the character used to explore the history of women in war. The last page was a lot of fun, I guess my idea of DeConnick retroactively making Captain Marvel a big hero was spot on.


Hulk #57– The final issue of Rulk, and it was a fairly good way to go out, the Mayans are defeated and Red Hulk steps up to the plate as a true hero. Eaglesham’s art was great, and I especially liked Machine Man’s new look. It did seem a little abrupt though, but if like I assume, Rulk ends up on Dark Avengers still written by Parker, then all will be well. Let’s hope Red She-Hulk is as good as this book has been.


Winter Soldier #9– Michael Lark is so awesome, this book looked so good, it’s just magic whenever he works with Brubaker, the fight scenes in this issue were exhilarating. The main thing here is the shock ending, I suspected that Black Widow was still evil, but has she killed Jasper Sitwell? Nooo! (I assume the dead Fury we saw was an LMD).


Gambit #2– This title is just a whole lot of fun, Asmus’ take on Gambit is charming as hell and it’s a lot of fun seeing him getting into scrapes. The museum heist was deliciously old school and Clay Mann’s art really is awesome. I’m intrigued by this mysterious female character, and it’s cool to see such overt sexual tension, the book is steamy! Just like Remender’s Venom, this book is way better than a Gambit book has a right to be.


FF #21– When did Black Bolt become such a dick? This was a weird mish-mash of an issue, on the one hand you had uber-serious Hickman prophesying with Black Bolt and the Supreme Intelligence having some kind of mind-battle, and on the other there were jokes about Spider-Man’s butt. I think I preferred the butt-jokes.


Wolverine & The X-Men #15– Lots of great moments in this issue as we catch up with all of the cast before the ‘final’ battle of AvX. One of the most appealing things about the X-Men is their soapiness, and this issue had a lot of that, there was no fights, just characters interacting and changing. Aaron also got to do some great guest-star stuff with Iron Man and Iron Fist. Also, who knew in #1 that they would end up feeling for Kid Gladiator?


Uncanny X-Force #30– First of all, the cover to this issue is just breathtakingly beautiful, probably my favourite thing Opena has ever drawn. The insides of this issue were very good too, as we get a focus on Evan/Kid Apocalypse. It was a little annoying that all the events with the actual team were dropped, but this was good stuff, and it’s worrying for the future. Good to see Daken again too.


Ultimate X-Men #15– The X-Kids’ road-trip continues, and it’s grim shit. I particularly like how Wood is using Jimmy Hudson, he’s killing people, which is surprising, but then he is Wolverine’s son. Nick Fury showing up at the end was a surprise (I only just noticed he was on the cover), I expected his return to be in Ultimates, not this book.


Superman Annual #1– This was a weird one, it seemed like it was setting up a crossover, but then there was nothing at the end. The opening was good, with a look at what Helspont’s origin is, and then Clark Kent thinking about his life, but then Martian Manhunter and Starfire and Grifter and Hawkman show up and it all gets a little too much. I hope this leads somewhere good. Also, what was with Superman’s long-ass arms?


Green Lantern Annual #1– AKA Smurf War. This issue kicked off the latest Green Lantern crossover, and it was full of interesting stuff that also caused me to roll my eyes. The battle of the blue dudes, Hal and Sinestro ‘dying’, the terrible design of the ‘Third Army’. It was all ridiculous, but I’ll still buy it, so I must enjoy it deep down. I will say that it was awesome to have Van Sciver back drawing Green Lantern, he’s so good.


Aquaman #12– Ivan Reis continues to make this book awesome, everything just looks so good. I’ll even over-look Johns’ desperate attempts to make Mera cool. The ending was great too, Vostok is dead, and now Aquaman is even madder, I hope Johns has the guts to get really dark in #13.


Justice League #12– What? No Shazam? Come on, that’s been the best bit about this book! This title continues to be Johns at his worst, the opening scene where every single JLer mopes about their dead parents shows just how often Johns goes to that well. I did like Hal Jordan stepping up and being mature for once though. Oh yeah, the Superman/Wonder Woman kiss thing, it made sense to me. The ending teaser was also typical Johns. That new JLA book looks insane, Vibe? They brought back Vibe? Good god.


Justice League International Annual #1– This was the 4th Geoff Johns comic I read this week, way too many. This was an odd one, I haven’t read OMAC so I had no idea what was going on with that, and I don’t particularly care. Jason Fabok’s art was good, but what was the deal with Booster at the end? He was erased because Superman and Wonder Woman hooked up? What? Why? Was the other Booster Gold the pre-Flashpoint version? That would be awesome. And Blue Beetle getting zapped to The Reach, is that going to play out in his title? Lots of questions, but that’s probably a good thing.


American Vampire #30– Two standout moments in this issue, the first is Skinner unleashing his latent Cowboy (“Wrong genre, asshole”) and then at the end, Skinner and Pearl having sex at the same time Henry wakes up. Draaama!


Spaceman #9(of 9)– A bittersweet ending for Orson, he saves the girl, but doesn’t get any recognition and ends up back in space. This was a strange mini-series, I think I’ll have to re-read it now that it’s all done, if only to immerse myself in the future patois. At least Risso’s art was awesome throughout, the guy is a legend.


Morning Glories #21– A very interesting issue, that really calls back to #1 in properly introducing the new bunch of characters. It works a bit like that issue of LOST series 2 which showed what the Tailies had been up to. Irina is an especially interesting character and looks like being a solid anti-hero. It was also cool how Spencer poked fun at the series somewhat, it’s good that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Short and sweet! My favourite comics this week were probably Gambit and Wolverine & The X-Men. I guess I was in a mutant-mood.

The column should be back to normal next week, as I give a look to the debut of the new Muslim Green Lantern along with the rest of the first batch of DC Zero Issues, and there's also another issue of Hawkeye to marvel over.


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