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RUviews: Meh, Whatever - Comic Book Reviews

Written by GHERU on Tuesday, September 11 2012 and posted in Reviews
RUviews: Meh, Whatever - Comic Book Reviews

The Flash Annual #1, Powers vol 3 #11, The Twelve, Guarding The Globe vol 1: Under Siege, Prophet vol 1: Remission, Captain America vol 1: American Dreamers, Punisher by Greg Rucka vol 1, and Batman: Earth One

Hello there Internet people, its your good buddy RU here to talk comics.  Why?  Cause comics are cool!

I do my best to pretend that there are over all themes to these RUviews, but this week I can’t be bothered.  It’s a mixed bag of old and new, single issue and floppy, and good and meh.

Lets start shall we?

The Flash Annual #1 – I know you internet people are probably sick of hearing me go on about DC’s Nu52 Flash, but don’t blame me, blame Francis Manapul for writing such an entertaining book.  Back in the day annuals were, IMO, a waste of time.  Throw away stories with no name creators being given a shot at a mainstream book.  How I used to hate them.  Nowadays, if done correctly, annuals tell important stories that enhance or lead to future stories, and The Flash’s annual is no exception.  In this issue you get the recent history of the Nu Rogues, and how they became their power, the consequences of those actions, and a tease of more Grood to come (probably after the 0 issue).  Seriously, for a pure good time super-hero comic book, you cannot go wrong with NuFlash, even if it is Barry and not Wally.

Powers vol 3 #11 – This volume of Powers has been one bog bag of “meh.” Maybe its because it feels like these 11 issues took 3 years.  That’s because IT DID (basically).  This is the last issue of whatever volume this is, and I don’t think I’ll be getting the next one, Powers: Bureau, unless inertia kicks in and I can’t help it.  Hopefully, I’ll hear good things and get the first trade…in 4 years.

The Twelve – Speaking of delays…ugh.  Four years.  FOUR YEARS! 12 issues in four years.  Issue one had adds for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Issue twelve; AVX.  And no, this was not worth the wait.  What book would be? Its crap like this that pisses me off, but at least JMS finished this story (is Superman still on a walk?).  Whatever, I hope some one trustworthy will pick up these characters and tell a good story.  One thing, re-reading all twelve books in one sitting – the art was just belch.

Guarding The Globe vol 1: Under Siege – This was a six issue mini series spin-off of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible and it was a wonderful addition to that universe.  If you are following Invincible in trade DO NOT pick this up until after you read volume 13: Growing Pains – it will spoils some major story points.  My only complaint about this book is how anti-climatic the climax was.  I’m still not exactly sure what happened; all I know is that it felt like a cop-out.  That being said, this was a good introduction volume and I hope there is more – if only to make sense of the ending.

Prophet vol 1: Remission – I say this with no hyperbole intended – this book is, for lack of a good PG word, fan-freaking-tastic.  If you ignore this comic book you have no place complaining that there is nothing “new” out there, that decompression is everywhere, or that super-hero comics have a stranglehold on the industry.  Now, I have no idea if Prophet 1-20 were any good, but its 1990’s Image eXtreme!, so I doubt it.  But who the Hell cares? It is the book of 2012 (so far) in RU’s humble opinion.  Brandon Graham takes this Rob Liefeld creation and, without a reboot, makes it new, fresh, and his own.  There is no wasted space, image, or word in this comic book and things happen.  This is not decompressed at all; in these six issues Graham tells compelling, interlocking, stories that compel the reader to want more.  If you are not reading Prophet, you are missing out on greatness.

Captain America vol 1: American Dreamers – this book was incredibly boring, I have no urge to pick up the next volume.  Yes, I have read Brubaker's entire run, doesn’t matter – this was uninteresting and it was all I could do to finish it.

Punisher by Greg Rucka vol 1 – Hells to the yea! I was not a fan of Remender’s Punisher or Fractions War Journal and PunisherMAX did nothing for me.  So, let me tell you how much I needed this book to be a good Punisher book, and it is.  This is an amazing feat since, at least in this volume, Frank Castle is not the main character – well, he is, but what we see is how others react to him more than we see him or his actions.  This makes for compelling story telling and a nice new, to me, take on the character.  I never thought I’d chose the next Punisher book over the next Brubaker pinned Captain America trade, but that’s what’s happened here.

Batman: Earth One – a semi interesting re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re…telling of Batman’s origin, but nothing to write home about, and I’m glad I got this from the library.  The story was ok, felt like an Ultimate version and Gary Frank’s art was very inconsistent.  On a scale of 1 to 10 this book gets a whatever.

Well, that’s it for this episode, but the pile of comics I wanted to talk about was pretty big, so I am going to film another one right after this and post it later in the week.  Lucky you, extra RU!

Till then, later peeps.





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