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Review: Godzilla: Half Century War #2

Written by Zechs on Thursday, September 20 2012 and posted in Reviews
Review: Godzilla: Half Century War #2

Writer/Artist Steve Stokoe continues on his journey to telling one of the definite Godzilla tales.


Now in the late 1960s, Godzilla takes a vacation from his usual stomping grounds in Tokyo to the sunny ideal paradise that is the Vietnam War. Why is the Big G stomping his way through Americans and the Viet Cong? That's what Ota Murakami and the Anti-Megalosaurus Force (or A.M.F.) team are there to find out! What they find out won't be pleasant news for anyone.


With a mere two issues in the can, Writer/Artist Steve Stokoe is telling quite possibly the definitive Godzilla American comic book tale, injecting gorgeously detailed backgrounds, character designs, and thrilling action sequences. There's a lot to digest in each installment that Stokoe gives the reader. Each page is coated with story. You can't help but really appreciate with every single panel and page Stokoe gives us as you just have to take in the world he's built for this issue.


Instead of the usual predictable city destroying, Stokoe has another surprise Kaiju guest star and a new playground for Godzilla to wreak havoc upon: the Vietnam War. It's a new setting to something we've not really seen in a Godzilla book or movie before. The two armies are already in conflict with each other. Their separate strategies in dealing with these behemoths are great parallels to the wiser Japanese, who just want to move these forces of nature to a place where they won't harm human life and are trying not to get caught in the middle of the conflict of the other two.


Building on the previous issue, Stokoe introduces several new characters and their additions are welcome. My favorite among them is Doc Randall, who is the A.M.F.'s technology expert, the designer of all their toys. Those knowledgeable in Toho Kaiju movie lore will know what kind of tech Randall will be dishing out and the fact Stokoe gives us time to answer any sort of lingering questions. Therein lies Stokoe's greatest strengths writing-wise: he's done a great job balancing the characters, monsters, and action. Never once does the other seem to drag and eclipse the others.  A feat that some Godzilla comics have had trouble doing.


Likewise, Stokoe just keeps upping the action factor as well giving us probably the most memorable Kaiju fight ever drawn in American comics so far. Thus far he's built each issue’s action sequence from a cat and mouse chase between Godzilla and a tank in the last issue to the three way battle between the two kaiju and the humans who are either scrambling to run away or annoy the two monsters.


Tired of the mega crossovers? The annoying restarts? Are you hungering just for a excellent story with awing art? Look no further than to this book. Steve Stokoe supplies both and then some. Again, this is fine quality comic that should be wrangling in both Godzilla and comic fans in general. For those hungering for more of what Stokoe has given in the past. Look no further to his latest indy creation in Orc Stain. With that I say bring on the next thrilling chapter with obsessed Hippie fans of Mothra!



5 out of 5

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