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Review: Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories

Written by Rui Esteves on Sunday, February 10 2013 and posted in Reviews
Review: Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories
Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories collects a group of stories written by Zack Whedon that flesh out the Dr. Horrible Universe.

In this book you can read about Dr. Horrible's and Moist's origin story, Penny's love life, Captain Hammer being his usual arrogant jackass and what happened that day in the park with Johnny Snow.

This is a great opportunity to see the Evil League of Evil in action. And boy... are they EVIL!

How is it?

Before we continue there's one question you should ask yourself. Have you seen Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog? No?! The go there and see it. I'll wait.
Have you seen it already? Yes?! Cool then lets continue.

This book revolves around the Doctor Horrible Sing Along Blog's story, in fact all these stories are prequels. There is no particular reading order these tales are not connected to each other, just with the musical.

Review: Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories
Captain Hammer
Captain Hammer: Be Like Me is a short tale that serves to develop Captain Hammer and show that our hero is not only a shallow man, a bit dumb and a pompous jackass.

Moist: Humidity Rising is all about the character of Moist how he came to be Dr. Horrible's henchman. This story also tells the Moist's origin story. Moist wasn't always a damped and suety man. He was once a normal kid with skin dehydration problems. One day his dad brought home a soviet cold war looking humidifier. In good superhero fashion that'll go horribly wrong and as a result Moist is born.

Review: Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories
Evil Laughter
Penny: Keep Your Head Up is a story about Penny's love life. This story shows why is Penny so vulnerable. Her falling in love with Captain Hammer in the musical will be all the more believable.

The Evil League of Evil shows just how evil the Evil League of Evil can really be. This is something we don't see in the musical, so its great to finally see them in action. Also explain what happened in the park that night with Johnny Snow.

Dr. Horrible is the origin story of Dr. Horrible. In the musical we learn the Dr. Horrible isn't that bad a person. He is actually a nice guy. Then why does a nice guy chose to be a super-villain?! That is masterfully told in this story. Also some of the first battles with Captain Hammer.

Eric Canete, Farel Dalrymple, Jim Rugg and Joelle Jones are in charge of the art department and they do a good job at it. The art varies a bit from story to story but overall is very good. Its a bit cartoony, but that fits the mood of the book very well.

The art style is very clean and well define with vibrant colors. They capture the likeness of the actors from the musical very well, with the exception of Captain Hammer in the first story.

The stories in Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories don't really add nothing very important to the mix. However they do flesh these characters out very well. And they're a joy to read but only if you've watched and liked the original musical.

Review: Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories
Evil League of Evil


This is a cool book. However it only makes sense to buy this one if you've seen and liked Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. If that is the case, then track this book and you'll get a real kick out of it.

On the off-chance you didn't like the musical, then there's no reason to get this one.

Publisher: Dark Horse
Year: 2010
Pages: 80
Authors: Zack Whedon, Joelle Jones, Jim Rugg, Farel Dalrymple, Eric Canete

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