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Young Justice 1.03: Welcome to Happy Harbor

Written by Zechs on Monday, January 24 2011 and posted in Reviews

Miss Martian shows the new team around their base, while an old foe of Red Tornado's rears his ugly head.

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So the second episode in, we get a full on Miss Martian debut and get to see all the wondrous toys the team will employ for now. Still, there must be a fight so enter Mister Twister, a Red Tornado Rogue whom I never even heard of until looking up the name. Wackiness ensues as the team tries to work together with the two new additions. Oh and they go ask Speedy to join, of course he says no.
Okay I know this show is still in it's VERY early stages, but two things annoy me to no end: Robin's laugh and Kid Flash's obsession with Miss Martian. I know it's the creators doing something new and fresh, but the laugh wears extremely thin when we hear it for the fifth time in just the third episode. Then there's Kid Flash who is utterly smitten with the female Martian. Geez when they get their second female member will this be a recurring subplot with Wally trying to hit on and impress every gal on the team? Yeah this subplot starts in this episode, but already it annoys me to no end. Even more so he just stabs her in the back than sticking up for her when she starts another mistake I had with the episode.
Which leads me to the common plots issues I had with the episode as well. The first is Superboy and Miss Martian are living together on the mountain base for almost a week (given we see the month and date during the episode so more on that later), yet only now do they finally talk to one another? Um okay so they've just been ignoring each other that whole time? The other is how easily the team at first believes Mr. Twister to be Red Tornado in disguise. To which I ask, um how can they make that stupid a mistake? The dude handed them their ass and he attempting to blow up a power plant helps them how exactly as a team? Then how they just completely ice poor Miss Martian since they all bought the freaking lie to begin with after her saying it.
So yeah I've knocked the faults the show has, so what positives do we get? Well the fights the team has with Mister Twister is nicely done. As always this show's animation is one of the best highlights it's got. Another the choice of villains, I mean honestly who the hell knew a Red Tornado villain would work so well?
The other thing I enjoy with this series is the far reaching effects it has. I'm glad they're not having Superboy instantly meld with society and he's weary of anyone telepathic. Even more, him just having trouble with emotions period right now since he's only sixteen weeks old. I'm very curious to see where his subplot goes. On the villain side we get another subplot with a pair of very familiar faces if you read 52 or know Red Tornado. So that has me curious to see where the creators go from here on that.
As for Miss Martian, well I dunno she's a mixed bag for me. On one hand, there are aspects to her character from the comic side that work perfectly. I still don't buy the cover story of her as Martian Manhunter's niece and figure we'll get a revelation somewhere down the line of her being a White Martian. Why you ask? She shyed away when they brought up that issue and a certain jaw dropping scene near the end of the episode.
Also I know I'm going to get some flack from chap22, but I love Speedy in this. He's a arrogant dick, but he's an amusing arrogant dick to me. I know somewhere down the line he'll go by his Red Arrow name, but seeing him during these brief pieces and still want to be his own hero makes me admire the character.
All and all, an average episode but nothing that jumps out to me There's some good in here, but there's still a lot of bad too. But we're still early into the show, so who knows when it'll get good. Maybe when we learn what event that's going to make an imprint? After all, the show is still doing the date of every day that goes by. That means something big is going to erupt somewhere down the line. I just wonder when that will be and who it'll impact?

3 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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