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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes S1.17-19- The Kang Dynasty Trilogy

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, January 25 2011 and posted in Reviews

Come thy Conquer!

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With all the Skrulls and Krees running around Earth it was bond to attract the attention of someone else. That someone being from the future, Kang the Conquerer. Declaring that the future will destroy Earth and his time-line he decrees the cause of these two alien races warring on Earth be ended: Captain America. So begins the Kang Dynasty Trilogy!
So yeah, the show unleashes one of the Avengers' greatest foes in these three episodes, Kang. I have to say it's an interesting interpretation of the character. He's got a good reason on conquering the past (saving his future), and how he went about it was VERY fun to watch. For a full out invasion storyline, this was a nice start to you know will be getting more and more epic down the line (we still got the Kree and Skrull invasions). It was also an interesting way Kang went about things in actually "peacefully" going straight to the Avengers, showing them this horrible future if they don't hand Cap over.
Kang as a character was a nice breath of fresh air. Sure he's pretty much like Zemo and Strucker before him in this series. But what makes him different from those we can actually understand his motives. The dude is losing his world and will do anything he can to set things right. Sure it isn't the classic Kang style, but it works for the show. Given this was his intro episodes, I really hope down the line the creators of this show play with the concept of time more because with a character like Kang you know there's more fun from that well to be had.
At the core of these three episodes they where all showcasing why Iron Man is on this team. He's the tech guy. When they need someone to analyze tech foreign to them, Tony is their man. To see him utterly frustrated and have a pain in the ass time trying to figure out Kang's technology was thrilling. The way the writers wrote it, you almost didn't think Tony wasn't going to figure everything out. But the way he did you just gotta appreciate the character. This was Iron Man's big showcase.
It was also Captain America's as well. With Iron Man, flustered and trying to solve the enigma of this new technology, someone had to be the field leader and command these Avengers as troops. The moment Cap said, "Avenger assemble!" and began leading them like he did others during World War II gave me chills. It was just so awesome to watch.
The best thing that I love about this show is still how it gives everyone something to do. Even though the above characters where heavily focused, that's not to say the rest of the team was left out in the cold. Everyone got their little moment. From Wasp and her wanting a bigger badder stinger blast, Pym with SCIENCE, Hulk and Hawkeye against Kang's drones, and Thor making a huge sacrifice in part 3. Though my personal favorite out of the bunch was Black Panther tending to Kang's invasion in Wakanda during the middle of part 2 and then in part 3 to see the screen of Kang's warships around the nation utterly vanish thus showing that T'Challa took care of business back home.
Though really, one of the best moments of this show thus far was seeing Ultron. We've seen him throughout this series used as nothing more than a security guard for the prisons. Here during these trio of episodes, the machine learns a new set of programing, violence. Any Avengers fan knows what we're on the eve on now, and by the trilogy's end can almost taste the evil of Ultron unleashed. I also enjoyed the little voice change from the normal Ultron voice in part 1-2 to a darker corrupted sounding version of it in part 3.
Another aspect I've loved about this show is the world it plays in, an actual Marvel universe. In these series of episodes we get the Black Knight, the accursed RICHARDS, and the regular old newspaper that shows off the various activities of numerous Marvel characters. I just get giddy anytime I see any of that knowing full well, we're oh so close to an epic DOCTOR DOOM episode. I really cannot wait for that or Ultron's fall from grace since we already got the Masters of Evil.
About the only faults I have is that for all the awesome fights and seeing the global threat Kang represented, I really think part 1 and 2 could have been mashed together. Still, it's a minor nitpick to be had since you had so much space to tell so much. I just feel part one other than the Ultron introduction and Kang could have easily been compressed since anyone who saw the micro-series knew what was going to happen with the character. But again it's me being a nit picker.
The other is Kang's elite guard. If he knew the Avengers where that much of a problem, why the hell didn't he send them to begin with and have to wait until Part 3 to send them out? It felt like after the grand plan from part 2, and start of part 3 Kang's schemes just went to hell after Thor's move. Like everything was coming apart and there wasn't any cool calm conquering going on. You just knew the Avengers had turned the tide and the Earth was saved at that point.
The other thing I have a nitpick about is not seeing enough of the Avenger's world deal with Kang. I'd killed for mentions of mutants counterattacking in Genosha, Latervia nuff said, and of course the Fantastic Four giving an assist to the epic battle.
For the series, first three parter it sure was an excellent start. I have to admit, I never once got bored and it was a great thrill ride from beginning to end. Now I truly wonder how in the heck will they close this season with? Loki and Asgard or the impending caught in the crossfire war with the Kree and Skrulls? I'm probably guessing the later given the importance.

The Man Who Stole Tomorrow: 3 out of 5

Come the Conquerer: 4.5 out of 5

The Kang Dynasty: 4 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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