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Review: Captain America #7

Written by Jim Gramm on Thursday, May 30 2013 and posted in Reviews

Review: Captain America #7

Cap has found a way out of dimension Z, but not the way he planned.

Captain America continues his way through dimension Z to reclaim his adopted son Ian, who was captured by his real father, Armin Zola. After deciding to let Zola’s daughter live in the last issue, Cap meets up with her once again in this issue. Though Jet Black battles the war-torn Captain, he is able to covert her from following in her father’s footsteps to rule the world and help the good Captain stop him.

Before he tries to stop Zola’s massive battle ship now heading from dimension Z to earth, he goes to find Ian. However, it is Ian that finds him first. He greets this father with a nice gun blast to the chest. Apparently, the brain washing techniques of Zola on Ian worked, for now. If Rogers can turn Jet Black on his side, I don’t see how he couldn’t turn his son Ian to be back at his side.

Despite being an A-list character in the Marvel universe, this current series for Cap seems to be going under the radar compared to other Marvel Now titles. This story arc of dimension Z has been pretty long (7 issues so far) but has left me wanting for more after each issue. Writer Rick Reminder has made a compelling series and his creation of Cap in this alternate dimension is unique.

For this issue, Jet Black being alive did catch me a little off guard but I’m fine with it. I did think that Rogers’ ability to turn Jet Black against her father seemed a bit quick though. Her turn from bad to good could have stewed for a while longer and maybe could have boiled over when Rogers reached Ian or Zola himself, to portray her betrayal in a more dramatic fashion.

In any case, Jet Black is on the good side but I’m not sure if it will last. I have a feeling she will double-cross the Captain, mainly because her conversion happened so quickly. Ian’s appearance at the end was a nice cliff hanger. I didn’t think he would show up again till next issue but, it affirms that Rogers will not have an easy time getting back the son he knows and loves.

The art provided by John Romita Jr. has brought dimension Z from just an idea to reality. I especially thought his work shined in this issue on the battle between Cap and Jet Black. Also, his drawings of Zola’s “mutates” in this story are depicted as menacing hulking masses that look like they could eat Rogers with just one bite. When they appear, I know Cap is in trouble. Dimension Z may be no more very soon and the possibilities upon his return seem endless and can’t wait to see what the fallout of Cap’s absence from earth is.


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