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Review: New Avengers #6

Written by Jim Gramm on Friday, May 31 2013 and posted in Reviews

Review: New Avengers #6

Things are starting to heat up for the Illuminati.

The slow burn that has been Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers finally shared with us the reader a little steak instead of more sizzle. The prisoner known as the “Black Swan” is now helping out the Avengers after revealing she can tell when incursions are coming to earth. She accompanies the Avengers to Latervia, the site of the latest incursion. When the team gets there, they find out from Black Swan that this time, the great Rabum-Alal is it responsible for the current destruction of Victor Von Doom's country.

The problem in Latveria is by a group Black Swan calls the “Mapmakers.” These Mapmakers use incursions to harvest life on a earth and use the now dead earth as fuel to destroy the next earth they encounter. These Mapmakers attacking the land of Doom leave the Avengers with one option, to use the bomb they reversed engineered from Black Swan's original incursion device.

The bomb stops these Mapmakers from sucking the life out of this earth but destroys another. After her assistance, Black Swan is put back in her cell. While back in jail, she has a telepathic conversion with another prisoner, the captured herald of Galaktus. From how the conversion goes, it appears the two have just struck up an alliance. The book ends with bomb fragments from the Avengers being found by Dr. Doom.

This book had more meat on it as I stated earlier but my stance on this book has gone from intrigued to kinda confused. Rabum-Alal, this Galaktus esque world/universe destroyer is the main threat but there are these Mapmakers and this new alliance started by Black Swan, this book now has a lot of moving parts. I’m not sure what to be worried or concerned about more. Then add in the fact the Avengers just destroyed an earth with a bomb and Dr. Doom has found the pieces of it.

I don't think the book is all of sudden bad but its throwing a lot out there, and it is becoming hard to digest. A lot of moving pieces to a story isn't a bad thing but the slow burn that was this series exploded like the bomb in the story. All of sudden nothing then BAM! While still confused even after reading it a second time, I think my brain is just taking time to process all this since the series was moving at a slow pace before all this happened.

When my brain catches up, maybe I will better understand all of these actions and what they mean for the New Avengers. Hopefully, issue seven will clear some things up for me and maybe, tell me what the Avengers should worry about the most. I can't say this with 100% certainty but this comic is one of the more sophisticated Marvel books right now and if one enjoys intelligent and serious comic, this series would be perfect for that type of reader.


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