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Gleeview - Silly Love Songs

Written by Erik Galston on Wednesday, February 09 2011 and posted in Reviews

Glee returns to form with Tuesday's episode "Silly Love Songs" Erik Galston, recaps and reviews the episode. 

Glee returned Tuesday night to its normal 8/7 central time slot. The episode turned the focus back on the glee club's interpersonal romances. Long time watchers saw hints at returning relationships, and saw advancements in other relationships. Overall this episode was a return to form for the series, it focused on the characters instead of the songs, which is when Glee is good.

The majority of the plot focused on Finn trying to win Quinn back, which is pretty hypocritical since he dumped her for cheating on him, and that's what she'd be doing to Sam to be with Finn (I'll get back to this later). Finn believes that because he's the "most popular male" in the school, that he can get any girl in the school to pay him to kiss her. Going with that thought, he decides to put up a kissing booth, with the money he makes going to the club. When Finn lays out his plan, Santana mentions that she's kissed him and its not worth a dollar. This leads to everyone pretty much calling her out on how much of a mean person she is. It goes so far as Rachel saying the only job that Santana will get is with a pole. Santana gets upset, and runs out of the room, and Brittany comforts her.

Meanwhile at Dalton Academy, Blaine asks Kurt's advice on a Valentine's Day surprise for someone he's interested. Naturally, Kurt thinks Blaine is talking about him, and he goes along with it. When Blaine ask's the Warbler's to sing with him at the Gap to woo his crush, Kurt is visibly crushed, but he still goes along with it.

Back at McKinley, Finn's kissing booth is a huge success, with every girl lining up to kiss him. Rachel attempts to have him kiss her, in hopes she'd woo him back. It doesn't work, but Finn does give her a present (a star necklace like the one she wore last year). Finn tells her that even though they can't be together, he still believes in her.

Sam confronts Quinn about her NOT kissing Finn, and she tells him she's with him now, not Finn. Sam pretty much forces her to pay the dollar for Finn to kiss her, and watches. Quinn secretly tells Finn to meet her in the auditorium after school.

At the same time, Puck is actively pursuing Lauren Zizes. Asking her out for Valentine's Day. She turns him down. So he sings "Fat Bottom Girls" to her. Again she says no, saying it was the first time anyone sang a love song to her, but it just made her sad. After getting into a huge cat fight with Santana, Lauren agrees to go on a date with Puck, but she stands him up. After Puck confronts her she agrees to go out on Valentine's Day as friends.

Santana on the other hand, realizes that Finn and Quinn are possibly going behind Sam's back, so she puts a plan of her own into motion. She goes to the nurses office, and finds out that there is a kid in there with mono. After telling the nurse, she's "had mono so many times its now stereo," she goes and kisses the boy. And then immediately goes and kisses Finn. Later that day, Finn kisses Quinn, and they both get mono.

After realizing that Blaine isn't interested in him, Kurt has a sleep over with Rachel and Mercedes, and they decide that this year they aren't gonna be tied down by any man. Kurt reluctantly helps Blaine with his "flash mob like" Valentine's serenade. The Warbler's invade The Gap, and burst into song. Kurt is visibly not amused. Blaine's plan backfires, and his crush gets fired, and crushes his heart. Kurt professes his love for Blaine, but Blaine doesn't want to get into a relationship, in fear of ruining their friendship. So they agree to be friends.

Back at McKinley, the kids finish their glee club assignments, Artie and Mike perform Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) for Brittany and Tina respectively, which results in Brittany commenting, "That's my man, and his legs don't work." Later Tina performs, "My Funny Valentine," and breaks down. Rachel, after getting motivation from Finn, performs Katy Perry's "Firework." The show ends with the glee club all going to Breadsticks for Valentine's Day dinners, and to support Kurt and the Warbler's in their performance at the restaurant of Paul McCartney and Wing's "Silly Love Songs." The episode ended with the hint of a potential Santana and Sam pairing.

This episode was a return to form for Glee. After months of floundering and focusing more on guest stars and stunt songs, this episode focused back on the characters. Every character had the opportunity to shine. Santana got some much need "humanizing," even if she went right back to being the same thing everyone accused her of. Rachel got some much needed closure with Finn, and looks to be moving on with her life, and focusing on her talent. The Kurt/Blaine relationship got put on the back burner, allowing Kurt to find someone who really cares for him.

My biggest concern was the Finn/Quinn pairing. Finn broke up with Rachel because she cheated on him, and broke up with Quinn originally cause she cheated on him. But now he's pretty much condoning Quinn cheating on Sam, so he can be with her. Its very hypocritical. Hopefully, this is actually pointed out in the show itself.

The musical numbers this episode were very well done. Usually Rachel's voice doesn't lend itself well to pop music, but her rendition of Katy Perry's "Firework" was arguably better then Perry's version. The Warbler's performed two songs this week, Robin Thicke's "When I Get You Alone," and Paul McCartney and Wing's "Silly Love Songs" (which was also the name of the episode). Both songs were well done, but "Silly Love Songs" was just a bit better in my mind. Puck's serenade of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" to Lauren Zizes was both hilarious (because of the song choice) and amazingly done. Artie and Mike's "P. Y. T (Pretty Young Thing) was great, it was a great choice of song for Artie to sing, while Mike did his best MJ move's.

All music from this episode is available on ITunes. 

This episode was hilarious and heartwarming. The only thing I would have wanted, was a song from Kurt (who hasn't really had a solo in at least 3 episodes). That said I give this episode, 4 out of 5 Stars.

Written or Contributed by: Erik Galston

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