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Frank Read Trillium!

Written by Frankenstein, Former Agent of S.H.A.D.E. on Tuesday, August 13 2013 and posted in Reviews

Frank Read Trillium!

It like Robotech, but with less robots!


Trillium written by: Friend of Frank, Jeff Lemire!
Trillium drawn by: Friend of Frank, Jeff Lemire!
Trillium created by: Friend of Frank, Jeff Lemire!
Trillium published by: Vertigo!
Trillium good!

It take Frank couple of readings, but Frank think he finally figure Trillium out; it both sequel and prequel to Robotech! In far away future, humans almost extinct and Frank having to salvage aliens for new parts. It interesting times, but humans worried about survival of species and no really appreciate circumstances. Human lady, Nika, looking for Trillium, newest evolution of Invid Flower Of Life, to help save human race from The Caul, sentient virus (whatever that is), who hunting humans all over galaxy! That most complex concept Frank ever have to explain. Frank go lie down for while to rest brain.

In future, 3797, Trillium used to make cure to The Caul, and humans want all Trillium they can get. Nika nice lady trying get natives of some planet to give humans flower, but time running out and Nika boss, Pohl, tell Nika that humans might have to take flower by force, much like Zor, betrayer of Invid!

Nika drive to tribe and write many words in journal, Frank skim this part, it boring! Exposition Bad! Nika find tribe of nice aliens and eat flower – SPOILERS – this may no be good idea! Nika then go on walk into Mayan looking pyramid and come out upside down looking at some weird white guy.

Rest of book hard for frank to read because it no right side up and go backwards! Best Frank can figure prequel to Robotech Saga, taking place after World War One (Frank remember when this no need numbering) and, Frank think, is story about crazy guy, William, and his friends finding weird stuff, in South America. This no turn out be good idea! William walk behind Mayan and find future lady, Nika, standing there looking confused.

Them two no alone in confusion!

Frank no all that bright, but Frank think Frank like book! It seem smart, too smart for Frank, but words and pictures help make book make some sense! Frank confident that what he no get Friend of Frank, Jeff Lemire, eventually explain!

Frank really like art! Frank think Lemire should draw more and should write/draw with other Friend of Frank, Matt Kindt, for most awesomest book ever made that Frank no have chance of understanding.

That it, Frank like book but hope Vertigo fix printing mistake so Frank no have to take off head and turn upside down to read!

Frank wonder how humans read it? 

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