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Ducktales: Remastered

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, August 20 2013 and posted in Reviews

Ducktales: Remastered

Woo-oo! Zechs reviews the upgraded remake of the classic NES game based on the equally classic cartoon series.


When I was a wee one, there were four games I played religiously on my NES: 1.) Mega Man 3, 2.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project, 3.) Super Mario Brothers 3, and 4.) DuckTales. My reasons for playing each were always simple. Everything about each game was just perfect. That and they didn't annoy me like other games no matter how hard I tried to beat them (Batman based on the 1989 movie I'm looking at you). They where challenging, but nothing playing a day couldn't stop (aka it taking me several months with a friend as we tried to beat Ninja Gaiden and Legend of Zelda). The music and the style of game play was just so darn engrossing you just couldn't help but continue playing these games even after you've beaten them. So when Capcom announced they'd be releasing DuckTales: Remastered. Well, bless my bag-pipes I had to buy it and relive the game again.


One of the elements added to the remade game is now a clear plot with Scrooge (Alan Young reprising his role from the original show) and the entire gang trying to find various treasures from around and off world. All the while running into the old foes from the TV show: Flintheart Glomgold (Brian George taking over for the late Hal Smith),The Beagle Boys (reprising their roles of the three main Beagles are Chuck McGann and Frank Welker) and Magica DeSpell (June Foray reprising her role from the original series).


First off, right I'm probably going to have to say you'll either going to love or hate the “cinematics”. I use that term loosely because it's just really the character models not talking but just moving while the voice actors say their lines. Me? I enjoyed it greatly. I know it wasn't needed, but to hear most of the voice cast from the show again kind brought a dumb goofy smile to my face. Young surprisingly still carries that same voice of Scrooge absolutely perfectly and at times so does Foray, but she shows more strain in her voice). Regardless having BOTH these actors return is still just a treat. Also if you really don't like the cinematics Capcom at the very start gives you an option to skip them. Seriously though, if you're complaining about the plot. Would you rather not have one and not hearing these actors reprise their various roles from the show again? The added plot adds characters who weren't in the game originally now into it (namely Gyro, Fenton, and Gizmoduck). So if you're basically hating this portion then you're hating the fact Capcom spared no expense in giving one of the characters from the show their due. Seriously how can you truly hate a game that literally in the very trailer debuting it is reaching out to fans of both genres:




If you think the game has too much of the show stuff put in then you obviously didn't get the memo what Capcom and that trailer promised. For further reasons why anyone who'd nitpick against that I strongely suggest consulting the Junior Woodchuck guide entry on  shutting the hell up for trying to suck the fun out.


So did the gameplay translate well? Yes. Honestly, nothing really has changed gameplay wise for Scrooge. He has the two standard attacks: pogo cane jump and smacking his cane. There's no glitches and if anything the same problems with the original is that it's just easy. Well, I haven't played the hard difficulty yet, but the game is a breeze in normal. Each enemy and boss bring a simplistic yet unique approach. If anything that could said negative about the gameplay is the second big complaint I think some would have with the game.

What is it? Well, Capcom changed the last level. Instead of going back to an earlier stage we're given a completely new level. Though the last boss remains basically the same, they get four new 3D attacks as well. Frankly, I'm glad for the addition because that final boss was always a darn breeze compared to other earlier bosses in the game. When the first new attack came I was actually taken back struggling to dodge these new attacks. Honestly, I'm glad Capcom added some extra difficultly and some surprises for old fans of the game expecting the same routine.


Still, this game is tailored for two lovers: for the show and of the game. The game now utterly feels like an episode from the classic cartoon and with all it's classic recurring characters thrown in (save for Ma Beagle, but she does get name dropped early). Additionally, I just loved that Capcom fully nailed translating the classic gameplay and music into a modern setting. They give it that extra touch, without going completely overboard.


DuckTales: Remastered is just that. A perfect remaster of an old NES classic. If you're hating on the game for not reinventing the wheel, then well you're hating on the original since they're the same exact game. That's the only point of this game. Just a simple fun update to give a nostalgic kick. The only real add-ons are the voice cast, and I welcome hearing all the actors who are still alive once reprising their roles. Really, I can't fault this game for anything other than it being a fun game that's worth playing. For $14.99, the game is worth every penny that even a miser like Scrooge couldn't resist. This is an insanely fun game that fans new and old will just love. Now if you excuse me I'm just gonna throw my money at Capcom hoping they now do DuckTales 2: Remastered. GIVE IT TO ME CAPCOM PLEASE!!!


5 out of 5





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