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Image Strikes Gold : Review of Jupiter's Legacy #3

Written by LukeAnthony on Wednesday, September 25 2013 and posted in Reviews

Image Strikes Gold : Review of Jupiter's Legacy #3

I’m in shock. I knew it was coming, you knew it was coming, but damn this issue was better than I expected. Image just stuck gold.

Source: Image Comics

I’m in shock. I knew it was coming, you knew it was coming, but damn this issue was better than I expected. Image just stuck gold. 
Mark Millar, writer of Kick-Ass & Wanted (both titles that could describe himself), nails another new series with Jupiter’s Legacy. The first two issues I was questioning where Millar would take the narrative, growing a little concerned it was going to be a bunch of bratty, drug addicted super-punks who whined their way into corporate endorsements only to waste pages while the real story got sidelined. But what was I thinking? This is Mark Millar! No, no. This issue is where it all begins; Where hands get dirty, goverments are overthrown, and skulls get pummeled into oblivion. 
Not only does Glasgow claim Millar as it’s own, but Frank Quitely as well. Which is just great because I imagine these two smoking pipes by a fire, unfolding this promising work, afterwhich they go over and stare wistfully at the lake, wishing they could smooth things over with Grant Morrison. But Quitely, whom you no doubt know from his X-Men runs and All-Star Superman, fits this story perfectly. There’s a nice touch of grit to these characters set in a pristinely colored world, which sums up the feel of the characters beautifully.
Speaking of which, character development ripens this issue, showing off Millar’s talent. I don’t want to give too much away because you need to read this issue to get the full depth of each character’s progression. So for those who haven’t read the first two issues, these stuper-heroes are self-proclaimed rockstars who are as disastrous as Miley Cyrus right now. If you’ve read Kingdom Come by Mark Waid, you're bound to see some similarities in this new generation of reprobates. In Jupiter’s Legacy, the Utopian; a symbol of will, perseverance, and the American way only represents an outdated concept, so he’s rejected by all those around him. Thus it would seem the Utopian’s weakness is the failure to pay attention to his personal life and the perceptions of his peers. Future issues look like they’ll focus on what it means to be a leader, how power corrupts the mighty, and what it means to stand up for what is right when you don’t think you’re worthy to, but no-one else will. 
I only caught a few things over the past couple issues that stuck out to me from an editing standpoint. “That can’t (couldn’t?) have been easy.” Uncle Walter says. A couple awkward sentences like that appear here and there, but otherwise the dialogue feels very natural & modern enough that you feel like it could be happening right now, suspending disbelief.
This twenty-one page issue is all tragedy and treachery and heavy on the foreshadowing. Undoubtedly some rich rue, bitter betrayal, & callous conquest are soon to unfold in an epic new way. I love that Image can do this over and over again; create whole new worlds. The power behind creator owned comics is astounding with the right team behind it. There’s a lot to mine out of these characters, in my opinion, this is Invincible level work from Image. 

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