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Review: Archer & Armstrong #14

Written by Jimmy Gillespie on Friday, October 11 2013 and posted in Reviews

Review: Archer & Armstrong #14

The Sect Civil War begins!

Source: Archer & Armstrong 14

Archer & Armstrong 14 hits stores this week, kicking off the newest storyline “Sect Civil War”. Fred Van Lente is still doing a fantastic job in the writer’s seat, joined by Harbinger artist Khari Evans. Issue 14 is a perfect story for new readers to jump on as it nicely recaps the series so far and goes right into a very Archer- heavy story.
The story starts off with the origin of The Sect; the shadowy organization that secretly controls the world, whose connections to Archer & Armstrong are still a mystery.  The issue is an Archer centric story, continuing directly after the ending of the previous issue. Archer sets off on his journey to discover just what he is and how he is connected to Project: Rising Spirit. We also see the opening shots of the Sect Civil War fired by the new group, the mysterious Black Bloc. These guys are by far the most interesting of the new sect groups as they are dressed like black ops soldiers with punctuation and emoticons on their square black heads.
Archer & Armstrong’s tongue in cheek humor is at its best this issue, especially with new members of the Sect, like the Gnomes of Zurch and the Hashish Eaters. The clandestine meeting between Archer and the head of Project Rising Spirit is hilarious as well, as Archer tries his best to replicate a scene from a spy movie, but fails miserably.  Valiant’s universe continues to interweave as The Vine, from X-O Manowar makes an appearance as one of the members of the Sect. Khari Evans’ work on artistic duties is fantastic in this issue. While being more stylized than the previous artist Pere Perez, the art still manages to keep the cartoonish charm of A & A alive and well.
All in all, Archer & Armstrong 14 is another solid issue in one of Valiant’s best series and is a perfect jumping on point for new readers interested in one of the most dysfunctional teams in independent comics.

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