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Captain Midnight #4: Charlotte has a magic shirt!

Written by Amanda Comi on Thursday, October 31 2013 and posted in Reviews

Captain Midnight #4: Charlotte has a magic shirt!

A brief review of the new Captain Midnight, followed by a boob-rant.

Source: Captain Midnight #4

Captain Midnight #4 follows issue #3, with a short implied gap where the Captain and his friends have been in hiding. Not to worry though, there is a brief recap page, to bring the reader up to speed on the relatively straight forward storyline. I’m making a point to mention this because so many people ask, with regards to comics in general, where do I start reading? Writer Joshua Williamson has obviously put effort into making each issue approachable and enjoyable for a brand new reader. Sometimes I like it when the writers make my life easier. 

At the end of issue #3, I was postponing judgment because I didn’t know whether this title was best described as “so-bad-it’s-good” or just “so-bad.” Issue #4 continues to ride a fine line, but I am comfortable that good natured self awareness will help me justify classifying Captain Midnight as fun. While issue #3, showcased a cliché riddled climactic face-off with a cartoon super villain, issue #4 hints at the potential future of the series. The Captain’s naïveté has been leveraged; issue #4 really emphasizes the “golly-gee he’s an old fashioned guy” stuff, but also expresses some “golly-gee the modern world is fucked up” stuff. Captain Midnight's modern friends, Charlotte and Rick, spend the majority of the issue snapping back and forth with clever dialog and pop culture references, including a Star Wars "stay on target" quote. This isn’t exactly breaking new ground, but it’s subtle and well executed compared to Fury Shark’s monologue from the last issue. 

Eduardo Francisco is on board as a new artist for this issue and I really hope that he continues. He managed to maintain a coherent style which blended well with previous issues, while also improving the overall quality. A flashback panel showing the Captain with his girlfriend was particularly sweet. 

So boobs. I love sexy ladies in my comic books, even preposterously proportioned super model types. Sometimes, I can overlook physically implausible poses, like simultaneous tits and ass, if it serves the overall composition of the panel. So I don’t have unrealistic standards, I really don’t. I still feel the need to complain about Charlotte’s boobs.

I sat in front of the mirror for a while and was finally able to replicate one of Charlotte’s looks by slipping two canisters of Quaker Oatmeal underneath my shirt. Notice, I said one of her looks. Depending on the panel, sometimes she is endowed with E-cup shelf boobs, and sometimes she’s drawn like a flat-chested adolescent.  Charlotte is wearing some sort of magical green shirt which can change the size of her breasts between panels. I mean, is this a joke that I’m just not getting?

Upon closer examination, it really looks like her breasts were augmented at later points during the creative process. This tells me that someone looked at a drawing and said, "I need more boobs!" Her chest was changed, and then someone looked at these pictures and said," Yes, that's better." HEY! Stop messing around with Charlotte! Just leave Francisco alone and let him draw pretty girls the way he wants. 




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