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Do You Really Believe He's a Jedi?: The Star Wars #3

Written by Tim Midura on Thursday, November 07 2013 and posted in Reviews

Do You Really Believe He's a Jedi?: The Star Wars #3

I was told there'd be Han Solo.

We continue the familiar but odd tales of Annikin Starkiller and Luke Skywalker in The Star Wars Lucas Draft #3, scripted by J.W. Rinzler, drawn by Mike Mayhew and colored by Rain Beredo. It’s a weird, voyeuristic look into what might’ve been in the world of Star Wars.
C3PO and R2D2 have landed and are wandering around the deserts of Aquilae. They’re picked up by Starkiller and his captive, Princess Leia Organa while on their way to General Skywalker’s hidden underground fortress to discuss the Empire’s presence on Aquilae. The queen has ordered General Skywalker to take Leia and her twin brothers to the Ophuchi system. When the Empire finds the not-so-hidden anymore fortress, it’s abandoned and rigged to self destruct. From then, they are constantly outrunning Stormtroopers while Darth Vader meets with Prince Valorum to take care of the General Skywalker problem.
R2D2 has the strongest dialogue in this issue. Rinzler is writing him similar to the movie character, but he is understandable-which I still find a bit odd. After being thrown by C3PO, R2D2 simply says, “That hurt.” I enjoyed the matter of fact statement -”The terrain is not ideal.”- while wheeling through the desert. Something I found humourous was that after discussing Luke Skywalker with Prince Valorum, Darth Vader responds, “Do you really believe he’s a Jedi?” Vader without a mask and a glowing red eye talking to Valorum who looks like Scorpion or Sub-Zero slays me. Also, the fact that Stormtroopers who ride basically flying chariots with lances are called “Jet Stickers” by Annikin is hilarious.
Nick Runge’s cover is blindingly bright. That Stormtroopers wield lightsabers is still weird to me, but this cover is great. The scale of yellow to tans is great to bring out the glare of the desert with the only dark colors of the Stormtroopers outfits to contrast.
Facial expressions are exceptional in this issue. Mayhew is great at showing emotion, whether it’s Luke’s sternness or Leia’s contempt for Annikin. Beredo’s colors are rich with a heavy use of earth tones fitting for a desert landscape. The darkness in the Empire scenes really brings out the redness in Vader’s eye as well. Seeing Luke jump wicked far onto a tank only to stab the turret gunner was awesome. I have to mention Michael Heisler’s onomatopoeias, as well. Zang is an odd choice for a blaster deflection and Thoom is more fitting for the tank firing and not the base blowing up. 
My only real let down was that Han Solo hasn’t appeared yet, but he was summoned by Luke, so we’ll be seeing him soon. More than enough reason to get into this series! 


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