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Kickass Kickstarter Projects: Shattered With Curve of Horn

Written by Luke Anthony on Monday, November 11 2013 and posted in Reviews

Kickass Kickstarter Projects: Shattered With Curve of Horn

Explore new territory in this upcoming graphic novel - your mind!

Source: Kickstarter

The new Kickstarter project from Max Miller Dowdle titled Shattered With Curve of Horn is about to come to a close. He writes, draws, letters & colors all himself. Trained with a degree and a master painter in Italy, he has a perspective that isn’t often brought to comics to boot. Good stories make a point, great stories draw the big picture. SWiCH (his acronym, not mine) is doing just that. Great - Nay, awesome. Perspective of a true artist - check. Draws a big picture & makes a great point - check. Enters a rarely explored territory of graphic novels - check. What territory, you say? Metaphysics.
Grease Monkey was what drew me to Dowdle at first, but when I saw the Kickstarter project for SWiCH I was highly intrigued because it looks very introspective and trippy. A few friends about to go to an art gallery are hung up by reminiscing with their old friend, an ex-convict. They took an experimental drug years ago and have to question themselves how much have they been affected since? Did they astral travel or merge their dreams? After the full recall, they find themselves back on the same drug again now, years later. This sets up some serious introspection to be had in the last 60 pages that aren’t online for reading yet. Set to finish in March 2014, the Kickstarter project will be worth the purchase. 
There are some great stretch goals, including the first Grease Monkey issue, hardback issues & more. Signed copies, commissions, et al are in the rewards section like you would expect from any great Kickstarter project, but the best part is of course, the story & the art. The art at the beginning and climax look to be the most intriguing, special art to be appreciated. You can read the first 105 pages online for free! This project ends Thursday, November 14th, make sure to get your rewards before it ends.

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