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Indie Funded: Not So Super Review & Preview

Written by Luke Anthony on Tuesday, November 12 2013 and posted in Reviews

Indie Funded: Not So Super Review & Preview

Imagine you & your desk job were humming along until you got superpowers! Only then they were...Not So Super.

Source: Not So Super

Were you looking for Dilbert meets Scott Pilgrim but had no idea where to find it? Well, look no further, obscure genre seeker. I have just the thing for you, it’s Not So Super. That’s the title, not my synopsis. It is quite super in the underdog-gets-superpowers kind of way. Writer Jacques Nyemb gives his character random abilities that aren’t exactly the most useful for a man with a day job. These abilities change, but this issue we start with just a couple. 
The first issue establishes the protagonist, Dan: A guy who used to love his job. All he wants is to be kinetic, yet all he feels is static. He worries he’ll always be a bachelor. He feels underpaid and overworked. He seems optimistic despite being really sad inside (or maybe that was just the sad music I was listening to. Advice: Try to read comics w/appropriate music - it really changes your perspective!). His day is filled with a constant barrage of nothing important. So naturally when gentle Dan starts to realize a few hard-core skills popping up, it must be a good thing right? Well, in actuality, it seems superpowers really just get in the way of normal life. This is something that will be explored in later issues.
Joe Hunter's art captures the writing style. Classic 40's comic style meets a modern environment and colors similar to I.N.J. Culbard does in the great adaption of The Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft. The tone is of course much brighter, but the inks are very similar. The panels and writing are tame & unassuming, which at times can be refreshing. Though, there are subtle jokes in the panels that I’m not sure whom they came from. The ones that stood out to me are a plaque labelling an apartment building “Cheddar Bush Terrace.” To me, that is just brooding with ridiculousness. Also, a banana stands in place of an Apple computer. Not hilarious, but it’s an appreciated effort at the subtly absurd. 
There’s a lot of really cool things going on for Not So Super coming from Jacques Nyemb. First of all, you can read the first 5 pages for free. You can get the whole thing for free if you’re an artist & just submit a piece of fan-art. Also, Not So Super is utilizing the Pay-What-You-Want model, meaning you can donate to your hearts content or give what you can for a digital copy, or buy in print. Fully funded by his own hard-earned cash, you have to appreciate the diligence & the tenacity of this comic. It's really got blood, sweat & tears all over it. BS&T cost extra, by the way.

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