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Sex Toy Fight!!! Sex Criminals #3 Review

Written by Radd Roberson on Wednesday, November 20 2013 and posted in Reviews

Sex Toy Fight!!! Sex Criminals #3 Review

Fat Bottomed Girls performance included.

This book.  This freaking book, guys.  Sex Criminals is a whole damn lot of fun to read.  I mean it.  It’s light hearted, silly, dirty, and just downright hilarious.  I had a big, stupid grin on my face the entire time I was reading this issue.  Image has been throwing out some real winners lately, and Sex Criminals is sitting near the top of the list.

There’s two major scenes in this issue that really stood out for me.  One, being where the two main protagonists stop time inside of a sex shop and proceed to act in a rambunctious manner, throwing dildos and wearing fake boobs over their eyes.  The visuals are hilarious and Zdarsky really nails the silly feeling of the moment, making it playful and mischievous in all the right ways.  Zdarsky’s art helps make this book as great as it is, giving it the cartoony, goofy feeling and not letting it seem too rooted in reality.

The second scene would be where Suzie “sings” Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen.  Now, Suzie is actually singing it, but Fraction takes over with overlaying text boxes, breaking the third wall, and explains how they couldn’t actually print the lyrics in full without legal issues.  His little explanation is hilarious and it was an awesome surprise.  I think it’s great that they weren’t able to acquire the rights on time, just so Fraction had to write that section of the issue in a very "DVD commentary" like way.  It even touches upon the iTunes ban without being too serious, making the subject humorous and not letting it take away from the carefree aspect of the title.

Sex Criminals #3 is a great issue with some really great moments.  This issue flows perfectly, pushing the plot forward, while still allowing for the two main characters to display their backstories in a natural way.  The past and present connect excellently, allowing for smooth transitions in and out time periods on the fly.  Fraction and Zdarsky have put together a really wacky concept and are executing it splendidly. 


Verdict: 10/10

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