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Review: Quantum & Woody 7

Review: Quantum & Woody 7

The dysfunctional duo storms a secret compound full of white supremacists, what could go wrong?

Source: Quantum & Woody #7

James Asmus and Ming Doyle bring another misadventure of Quantum & Woody, the world’s worst superhero. After being separated for years, the brothers Eric and Woody Henderson are united after their father dies under mysterious circumstances. While investigating his death, a lab accident gives Eric and Woody strange powers, as well as forcing the two to clang bracelets at least once a day.
The Quantum & Woody head out on their first mission together, and of course everything goes terribly wrong. Woody gets caught by Eric’s boss Mr. Magnum, after finding out Magnum sent Eric on a suicide mission. Back at the compound, Eric finds out that the cam is run by a white supremacy group. As it turns out, the whole compound are fans of Quantum. Probably because the mask bears a striking resemblance to a KKK sheet. Too bad nobody actually believes that Quantum is a black man. Back on the airplane, Woody tries buying time by asking for a baptism before being killed. Unfortunately Magnum plans to drown Woody while he baptizes him. Woody escapes and heads to the compound to warn Eric that Magnum plans on using them to start another Civil War. As the rednecks rally around Quantum & Woody, they realize that they are totally screwed.
This issue is as hilarious as ever. Asmus and Doyle make a perfect comedic team. With a little action and a whole lot of quippy dialogue, Quantum & Woody continues to be one Valiant’s most unique and entertaining books.

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