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Black Dynamite : A Parody of Funk

Written by Luke Anthony on Sunday, January 19 2014 and posted in Reviews

Black Dynamite : A Parody of Funk

"Gorilla Pimp living large ‘cause living small ain’t living at all!"

Source: IDW

Black Dynamite is exactly what it sounds like. One jive-ass mother fucker bout to kick yo’ ass. He’s retro. He’s African-American. He’s disco. He’s flirty. He’s every word you ever heard dirty. He’s all over the pages and into your face. Bustin’ up foo’s for being outta place. He’s the magic. He’s the man, and if he can’t do it, nobody can. Black Dynamite is here, mother fucker. And he’s about to bust up yo’ SHIT.
Retro to the core, Ron Wimberley has bangin’ Ben-Day dots like the old comics, simple color style & spazzy characters. BD is a celebration of (a personal favorite portion of Afro-American culture) the spunky, funky, groovy & moody jiveness from the 70’s. Adapted from the animated series, Brian Ash continues writing for the comic. Attitude, please - soulitude is what you have here. It is a pop culture pie served hot like your grandma used to make. There’s flares, afros, & wigs. 70’s bubblegum dialogue & snappy comebacks are heavy on nearly every page, but what really stood out to me as intentionally meant to be taken as the half nostalgic pop/half cultural parody that it is, was when there was a dude who lost everything he had because of the hero, Black Dynamite. He was wearing a barrel held up by suspenders. As a side note, I wonder if that truly ever happened in real life or if that only exists in cartoons, and if so, who thought of that? 
Black Dynamite, the antithesis of his fictional cousin Napoleon, and new classic that he is, has such finesse with his wit. His brick house girl in his “Authentic Chinese Kung Fu Dojo” says she thought he was going to “slip me some kama sutra.” To which Black Dynamite responds, “Black Dynamite don’t ever slip.” BAM. Classic. We’ve heard of this guy, but we’ve never seen him before. This is the epitome of what everyone needs in their life, a confident, powerful, witty black man who knows kung fu. Everyone needs this friend. Luckily I have one. If you don’t, it’s okay, you can live vicariously through this comic.
In truth, it is meant to be a short boogie to the max. You get down & you get out. For those who don’t speak choice 70’s lingo, what I mean is it moves along quick and is a desert comic that you really only just want a little of at a time. First you meet BD, then he’s gone. Issue #1 covers him being awesome like always, but rejected by the community. Forced out of his community, he finds his way out, only to find himself in trouble again. We’re left with him under the imminent threat of...some nefarious. I’d like to see how far they can carry the weight of the funk. Funk is a hard genre to get right in music, & harder still in print. You might hear, “Bring back the funk!” from time to time, but you know you only stomach it for so long. I hope they continue to match or better this parody in it’s exuberance, but it’ll be hard. Fans of the animated series or movie apparently want this character to live on in print, so it must be worth it.


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