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A Clear and Present Danger: Furious #2!

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, February 28 2014 and posted in Reviews

A Clear and Present Danger: Furious #2!

She's like a bazooka aimed at a purse snatcher.

Continuing the story arc Fallen Star, Furious #2: A Dream of Flying is released from Dark Horse Comics! Written by Bryan J. L. Glass, with art by Victor Santos, the cover by Santos, similar to the first issue’s cover, features a battle-worn Furious juxtaposed by her hard-partying civilian persona, Cadence Lark.
With the public opinion still divided, former socialite Cadence Lark is doing her best to prove her usefulness to the world by stopping a hostage crisis, as her superpowered alter-ego Furious. Being out of favor with the police causes problems during the rescue. Her need for forgiveness is a major theme.
Furious #2 delves deeply into Cadence’s back story, and we learn about how much pressure her competitive father put on her to do well in the name of her deceased mother and sisters. Even from a young age, the guilt he placed on her was overwhelming. The cops react how I imagine cops would react when faced with “a clear and present danger.” As if the people around her weren’t enough trouble, we’re introduced to another super, whose allegiance we’re unsure of.
Victor Santos covers all art duties wonderfully. One of my favorite techniques used in comics is showcased here as Furious takes down the hostage-taker in one single splash where you see the two of them multiple times, battling across the page. The flashback scenes between a young Cadence and her father were colored brightly, highlighting a more innocent time in her life. This is in sharp contrast to the scenes featuring the new super, which uses purples and dark reds.
Furious #2 fleshes out the world of Cadence Lark as we get a better look into her downfall and her need for redemption and acceptance. Her desire to get the public to call her The Beacon shows just how naive she is. Glass and Santos have created a flawed but strong heroine in Furious, and I can’t wait to see where they take her. 

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