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(Edited) Purgatory Pub - The Devil (& The Angel) You Know

Written by Luke Anthony on Saturday, March 22 2014 and posted in Reviews

(Edited) Purgatory Pub - The Devil (& The Angel) You Know

P.S. Read 43 pages for FREEEEEEEE

Source: Fire Lights Media

Purgatory Pub is a self-published love project of artist and writer, Gabriel Dunston. His most recently successful Kickstarter project is a 146 page volume, the first of (potentially) many. It’s about a couple of friends from opposing viewpoints, hanging out and trying to make the most of their eternal existence, one day at a time. An angel and a devil hang out in a bar and share each other’s grievances. Apparently, the after-life isn’t all that easy on either side. But it’s juicier than what it sounds like upon the first hearing of it.
The book is bound to be controversial, one of the first adult only books from Dunston, normally an all-ages writer of both comics and children’s books. It hinges on offensive for sensitive readers who might find their brand of religion comforting (hits the major types), so before reading it, be advised. One of the most bold pokes at religion need not be taken out of context, but it’s potency in the midst of the issue makes it noteworthy. Lucifer shows up late in the book, under the identity of another, and makes a speech. He says, “Religion does only three things well, it divides people, controls people, and deludes people." Pretty ballsy. For any readers who were to find it offensive, I would take into account that it's fiction. Afterall, fiction is hardly something to take seriously, or form life-forming opinions on for that matter. Wink.
I have to say, it is brave to tackle such a taboo as religion in a jokular way, but doing it well is the hard part. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all 146 pages this morning. It was funny, friendly, and was a breeze running through it. He’s not exactly tackling the depths of ideology, but just having a little bit of fun with these characters. I would happily buy this book, and maybe visit it again. Not only for the casual read, but the art is also pretty well done. 
I was surprised to learn that Dunston did the art. I love to hear it when someone took the time to do both art and writing, and self-publish. It’s that independent nature that I find most impressive. The book is all in black and white, which, surprisingly, doesn’t actually detract from it. It may be better off that way actually. The art ends up being reminiscent of Bone at least to me. It’s playful and cartoonish, which I would say in part embellishes the contrast of the light heartedness of the book, and the gravity of the message. 
This book is for you if you like sticking-it to religion, want a light read, and are somewhat introspective. Introspective meaning you analyze your life, and focus inward on yourself, not introverted (that you don’t want to hang around people). If you take life for what it’s worth, this is definitely a fun read. I would recommend it to most conscientious open-minded comic lovers. 
The absolute best part is that you can read the first couple chapters for free here. You can find more of Gabriel Dunstons work, including some really great art on his site, FireLightsMedia.com
EDITS: I heard back from Dunston & got a couple more things to share with you guys. (1) The book is also available on Amazon & Gumroad (pay-what-you-want, starting at $5), plus you should know that there will be 4, possibly 5 total volumes. 


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