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Thaniel - We're Totally Not Biased

Written by Luke Anthony on Sunday, March 23 2014 and posted in Reviews

Thaniel - We're Totally Not Biased

Is it actually good? I've read through the first two issues.

Source: OSSM Comics

In the interest of transparency, if you’ll notice the ads on our site lately, you can clearly see that we have been paid money to put up those sexy gifs for the new series from OSSM Comics, Thaniel. You are literally looking at what paid some bills around this internet-space place. But that doesn’t mean we’re biased towards the comic, or writing a review about it for that reason alone. Especially if I were to, say, know the Editor in Chief of OSSM Comics - I would definitely NOT be biased in writing a review about it. In the event that I was, I would tell you that it is teetering on something great, and the scales might just tip here soon.
In case your mind has been reeling the past few weeks, trying to figure out what Thaniel is about, while refusing to click the ads out of sheer stick-it-to-the-man-ness, let the hamster stop turning the wheel in your thick skull and read for a moment. Thaniel is about a normal punk, who had life hit him in the balls. Than is a drop-out and a newly established murderer, who is having a hard time adjusting to well, a lot of things. Death, superpowers, betrayal of those closest to him, y’know, the normal stuff a young, strapping fellow wearing hoodies all the time goes through.
In issue #1 we start to see just how surface level he processes his emotions. He is not very self-aware for a kid about to get super powers. He still sees the world in black and white (which isn’t an art joke though it is in all b&w), and his values aren’t exactly justified through his actions, or vice-versa. He seems a little confused as to why he’s trying to rid the world of the indescript, “bad people”. I’m not sure he knows what he’s doing it all for. His melodramatic outlook on the world around him is bound to bite back at him at some point soon. Truly, he needs to go to counseling and start looking inward. Though, if all super-heroes went to counseling, I think we’d probably have a much more tame comic industry.
Issue #2 is what I was waiting for, personally. I wanted it to step up from the first issue, and I can say with all honesty, that it most definitely did get better. Though it wasn’t till about halfway through when I started noticing the difference in depth, not only in the writing, but the art as well. At the beginning Terry Huddleston’s cross-hatching felt a bit like it was too obvious too often, but there was a redeeming panel in issue #2 when Thaniel loses a loved one, and the panel fades out as the pain sets in. Those well-timed effects are what can make a big difference in the issue. The art is dark and brooding, which sets the tone well for the series. Huddleston seems like the right fit, and all in all, it’s got a pretty classic look going for it.
The dialogue seemed a bit clearer and more thought-out in the second issue. The dialogue isn’t so much “natural” as it is “real”. I have friends who talk the same way, and while it’s not cinematic, poetic, or fresh, it’s certainly the way people actually talk in certain circles. So that’s the way I look at it. The fact that this dude isn’t self-aware, isn’t poetic, isn’t anything other than just a normal dude, with some bad luck, poor choices, and bad friends is actually what makes the comic interesting. Thaniel received abilities that seem somewhat in between The Spectre and The Punisher, but with the wits of a street-level tool. He materializes sickles and a suit out of no-where, which is pretty cool. Though I wouldn’t trust him to make any “right” decisions, so that’s what could very well be the foothold of the series in a very good way.
We’ll see more as it comes along, and you’ll see more of what OSSM has in store (I don’t apologize for puns) as we continue our *ahem* “themed” coverage on their on-goings. In the meantime - click the ad, check them out & see if they’re something you want to grab a hold of. 

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