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Glorious Absurdity: The Auteur #2

Written by Luke Anthony on Sunday, March 23 2014 and posted in Reviews

Glorious Absurdity: The Auteur #2

It's like Deadpool on crack.

Source: Oni Press

I am laughing maniacally as I get my hands on The Auteur #2, not only because the nature of the story requires a certain lack of sanity to appreciate it's unhindered nature but also because it hasn't been released yet, and Oni Press was kind enough to send it out to The Outhouse review team, weeks before its release on April 16th. Though, I suppose it started when I saw the cover. I laughed far too much at the cover, because, well, WTF? A dinosaur lady justice with explosions? It’s equal parts bizarre and awesome. I can’t get over it. Let’s just take a moment to dissect the righteously weird cover.
First of all, the sword of dino-lady justice is slicing through a building. Yup. Fighter jets are shooting at it, tanks are shooting, the dude up front is losing his frick'n mind, but that’s not all. One of the better parts, is a random dude leaping from the helicopter, or maybe the crumbling building, with a knife. A knife? What does he think he’ll accomplish? But the most absurd hidden gem in this cover, is the bubble butt from issue #1 on the jumbo-tron billboard type deal on top of the building on the right. The glorious, gaudy absurdity of it all is just magical. This is gold, people. Gold.
Now, let’s talk about what’s inside issue 2. Page one, I shook my head and leaned back. I did not expect to see what I saw to say the least. Reading on, I keep being impressed by the sheer madness. I’m pretty sure this series is going into a dark territory. At the same time, the comical nature of these dark corners make me want to drop Deadpool and subscribe to The Auteur if I hadn’t already paid for it. The premise of the series appears to be something close to what the Joker once said in The Killing Joke, “We aren’t contractually tied down to rationality. There is no ‘sanity clause’.”
Which is why the above image makes sense. The Auteur is a celebration of leaving reason and going to the places where sanity simply couldn’t go. Therein lies its magic. If this is what Oni Press is doing in order to break the mold of the comics medium, this is how they’re doing it. For instance, Nathan T. Rex, the protagonist/mega-movie producer, self imposed director & man desperately trying to be “something” randomly gets his law degree, god knows how with all his money, and makes the argument that some men are predators, being part of natural selection in front of a jury, to decide the fate of a serial killer. Why? Because he wants to use this murderer out of jail to work as a grisly consultant for his movie. Why? To quote Nathan T. Rex, “We seek a new dawn in Horror and an age of unprecedented realism.” Several times we see what the murderer sees, and by all accounts, it could get nasty. But this isn’t just a horror comic, it’s a blend, and the editor, Charlie Chu promised us at the end of issue 1 it would be unpredictable. So far, that has held up. 
It’s obvious that I think Rick Spears is doing a great job, but James Callahan is equally doing well, and the colors from Luigi Anderson are pretty killer. Very much eclectic in style and color, it’s all done very well. All in all, the whole issue is a winner. If they keep it up, then this 5 part series could be ground-breaking, which is something I say hesitantly because it’s such a large claim. Regardless, all I will say from this point on, is that you should check it out. 


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