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REVIEW- Transformers: Robots in Disguise #27

Written by SuperginraiX on Tuesday, March 25 2014 and posted in Reviews

REVIEW- Transformers: Robots in Disguise #27

The penultimate chapter of Dark Cybertron brings us a death in the Autobot ranks!

Writer: John Barber & James Roberts
Art: Andrew Griffith
Colors: Josh Perez
Letters: Tom B. Long
Editor: Carlos Guzman

You know, for a four million year war, there haven't really been a lot of "big deaths" in the world of Transformers.  Sure, the death toll is insane but it's made up of randoms.  What I'm saying is that the IDW-verse hasn't killed off many characters that get made into toys.  

That is, until the war is officially "over."  Then characters start dying. En masse.

This issue brings us not one but TWO deaths or major characters.  The first one I'll spoil because it's in every preview for this issue and it turns out that dying doesn't change much for Brainstorm.  In fact, he's been dead since the beginning of the More Than Meets the Eye series.  Which is interesting.

Now, the second death is the big announced death.  Prowl!  Ultra Magnus!  Bumblebee!  Rodimus!  One of these guys will DIE IN THIS SPECIAL ISSUE!

Yeah, I'm not spoiling that one.  You can read the issue to find out who buys the farm.  Not spoiling it makes this issue a LOT harder to review because it's kind of the biggest thing about the issue.

What I CAN say is that the death is pretty well telegraphed in the issue.  You probably won't make it too far into Transformers: Robots in Disguise #27 before you figure out which big name Autobot is going to be killed by the end, for good or for ill. The other characters' reaction TO this death is pulled off much better than the lead up and gives some nice, dramatic weight to the Autobot's untimely demise.

Other than that, the issue is full of terrific character moments and what is turning out to be a less-than-satisfying Shockwave scheme.  In a nutshell, Shockwave's plan is "to turn all of space-time into a singularity- a dot of energy for Cybertron to consume forever."  This is produced by destroying time, space, and everything in it.  So, basically, to save the village, you have to destroy the village.  Which seems like insanely flawed logic and I keep trying to see Shockwave's sense in all this (which'll probably be pointed out by MrBlack in the comments because he's much smarter with this stuff than me ;) ).

What is amazing me the most out of this is how fascinating Megatron is becoming.  We should all know by now where big Megs ends up after this crossover and you can definitely see the character's progression in the last two issues.  The Decepticon leader has seen a LOT of different portrayals in the IDW-verse but this one is proving to be my favorite (and it's not exactly "brand new" since it reflects the pre-war Megatron we saw way back in Chaos Theory).

So that's some of the story points but what about the art?  ANDREW GRIFFITH KILLS THE ART IN THIS ISSUE.  And that's a good thing.  This issue features some of the best art in the entire crossover and it's all by the RiD regular artist, making it extra special.  With Alex Milne's return to More Than Meets the Eye in the last chapter, Dark Cybertron is definitely ending on an artistic high note.  

Josh Perez's colors are, as always, high quality.  This is impressive given the insane number of cast members, all with their own color schemes with multiple battle scenes mixing everyone together.  Being a Transformers artist/ colorist is probably not the easiest job you can have in the comic book industry but you can tell that there's a level of care given to issues like this.  They could easily turn to complete mud (it's happened) but things stay crisp and clear.

One more chapter to go!  Do we end on a bang or a whimper?  Find out... soon!

(And yeah, that death made me sad.)


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