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From Stone Ta Stone, From Rock Ta Rock: Skullkickers #25!

Written by Tim Midura on Thursday, March 27 2014 and posted in Reviews

From Stone Ta Stone, From Rock Ta Rock: Skullkickers #25!

Shorty gets a warm homecoming in the cold town of Dwayre!

After a seven-month hiatus, Image Comics presents Skullkickers Issue 25! Starting the new arc, A Dozen Cousins and a Crumpled Crown, we see the return of the main creative team of Jim Zub, Edwin Huang and Misty Coats alongside co-contributors Kevin Raganit, Ross A. Campbell and Ludwig Olimba. The cover by James Ghio features Baldy and Shorty enjoying a cold winter. I especially enjoyed the gift-wrapped gun.
Skullkickers #25 opens with a recap of the last four volumes, catching up the reader to how Baldy and Shorty got into this current predicament. While in Dwayre, Shorty is reunited with his Dwarven brethren, and Shorty and company face off with the daunting Dwarven Snow Swimmers.
With all the doppelgangers running around and an extensive time period between issues, the inclusion of a synopsis by Jim Zub was a necessary addition. The magical rhyme that Kusia’s sword utters is pure cheese, but I don’t think it’s out of place in an action-comedy.
Edwin Huang and Kevin Raganit’s pencils and inks keep each panel moving and fluid throughout this action-heavy issue. The Dwarven Snow Swimmers snaking through the snow, with our heroes waist-deep in snow, is a great panel. Misty Coats and Ross A. Campbell’s colors dominate against the pristine snowy backgrounds; the reds and greens pop brightly off the white. With all the dwarves in Dwayre, it was interesting to see all the various dwarven beard styles; my favorite being a brunet with five braids.
The recap map reminds me of my favorite D&D games, which is a hit for any fantasy fan. Coming off the multiple “#1” issues, I’m glad they’re back to normal numbering. Jim Zub and co. can wait as long as they need to between issues; especially going into the penultimate arc, I have no problem dragging this series out as long as possible!
Not sold? Jim Zub offers the early volumes for free

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