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Review- Transformers: Robots in Disguise #28

Written by SuperginraiX on Thursday, April 24 2014 and posted in Reviews

Review- Transformers: Robots in Disguise #28

The boys are back in town!

Writer: John Barber
Art: Andrew Griffith
Colors: Josh Perez & Joana Lafuente (Flashback)
Letters: Tom B. Long
Editor: Carlos Guzman

For some reason, Earth is a big dividing point when it comes to Transformers fans.  On the one hand, you have fans who believe that Earth is just one of many battlegrounds in the Transformers universe and shouldn't be given a great deal of importance.  On the other hand, you have fans who believe that Earth should be the prominent battleground and the focus of almost all of the Transformers' attention.  You probably have a number of other opinions of Earth's role in Transformers comics from a variety of other fans all on a number of other hands.

Why you're holding all those Transformers fans in your hands... and why you have more than two hands... I can't fathom.  You're weird.

IDW Comics has been trying to satisfy both camps throughout it's history with the franchise.  From the beginning and through most of the first ongoing, the focus was on Earth with only a handful of stories (mostly Spotlights) taking place off-planet.  When the two current ongoings (More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise) launched, both of them took to the skies with MTMTE on a quest in space and RiD dealing with a post-war Cybertron.

But this is issue twenty-eight of Robots in Disguise.  We're post-Dark Cybertron.  It's time to go back to Earth.

And, honestly, I couldn't be happier.

Sure, I was pretty burnt out on the whole Earth scene.  I like stories on Earth but the first ongoing seemed like it was trying awfully hard to force the Transformers to stay on-planet.  Still, we've been away from the third planet from the sun for over two years and the story gives us more than enough reason to return to the old stomping ground.

This is an awesome kick in the pants for Robots in Disguise.  The cast of characters is top notch.  The story has a much more lighthearted feel to it compared to... well, pretty much the last twenty-seven issues.  Nothing else in the comic gets as hilarious as Thundercracker's screenplay that you can read in the preview but the book definitely keeps it's sense of humor.  Combined with John Barber's mastery of continuity, we get a great beginning to a fun tale on planet Earth.

Oh!  And twists!  We're definitly exploring new ground here.

On art, we have Andrew Griffith who just keeps getting better and better.  Compare this comic to the first issue.  It's both the same artist.  While issue one wasn't bad, this comic shows Griffith in top form.  His only negative is that, like so many Transformers artists before him, Griffith has trouble with humans.  Pretty much every image of this issue's human, Marissa Faireborn (yeah, that's the lady in the preview... spoilers!), has her looking... odd.  Particularly in the face.  Like I've said, some of the best Transformers artists have difficulties drawing humans.  Hopefully, Griffith masters this as easily as he's mastered our more robotic cast members.

Coloring duties are split between Josh Perez and Joana Lafuente.  Both do a spectacular job, making it easy to visually tell if the scene is taking place in the present or the past.  It's very easy to make Transformers art look "muddy" but both colorists know their job, keeping the whole cast looking distinct, clear, and colorful.

All in all, the Dawn of the Autobots era is turning out to be a fantastic follow up to the Dark Cybertron crossover.  As much as I'm looking forward to seeing Megatron aboard the Lost Light in More Than Meets the Eye, I didn't realize how much I wanted to see a traditional Autobot cast led by Optimus Prime on Earth until I read this comic.  It feels a lot more fresh than you'd expect.


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