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Gleeview - Sexy

Written by Erik Galston on Thursday, March 10 2011 and posted in Reviews

After missing a few weeks, Erik Galston returns with a review of the Glee episode "Sexy."

Tuesday night Glee returned to form with a great episode entitled "Sexy." The episode featured the return of substitute teacher Holly Holiday (played by actress Gwyneth Paltrow) and the return of Dr. Carl (played by John Stamos). The episode brought many great character moments, and pushed forward many of the characters plot lines.

The episode started with Ms. Pillsbury holding the weekly meeting of the Celibacy Club. Unlike last year where there were many members, this year only two members are present, Quinn and Rachel.

Ms. Pillsbury and Mr. Schuester talk about the club when Holly Holiday comes into the teachers' lounge. She's subbing for the Sex Ed teacher who "has come down with a mad case of the Herp". Ms. Holiday tells Mr. Schuester that his glee kids really don't know much about sex. Emma and Holly talk about celibacy and why its not a valid option for kids. Earlier in the day, Holly demonstrated how to put on a condom, by putting it on a cucumber, with hilarious reactions from Mercedes and Finn.

Santana asks Brittany to come over that night and get their cuddle on, but Brittany says she thinks she's pregnant. Brittany tells Santana NOT to tell anyone, but of course Santana does and it gets to Artie. At glee club, Artie says his life is over because Brittany's pregnant. When Mr. Schue asks Brittany how she knows, Brittany responds with "The stork is building its nest on my garage." Realizing that his kids need some education, he asks Ms. Holiday to help him teach the kids.

The next day, Ms. Holiday performs Joan Jett's, "Do You Wanna Touch Me." The performance is pretty provocative, but it makes the kids think. It also causes Sue to search out Blaine and Kurt to tell them that New Directions are gonna get "sexy." Kurt refuses to tell Sue anything about their performance and she leaves. Blaine believes that the Warblers need to be sexy. The next day they perform, "Animal" by Neon Trees, in front of Dalton's sister school. During the performance he notices Kurt trying to be sexy to no avail. When he asks why he was making the faces he did, Kurt says its because he doesn't know how to be sexy. Blaine tries to teach him, but Kurt gets upset and asks him to leave. The next day Blaine goes to Kurt's dad and tells him that he should talk to Kurt about sex. Burt talks to Kurt about sex the following night, to Kurt's shock and dismay.

Ms. Pillsbury confronts Will about Holly's teaching about sex, and he tells her to have the celibacy club perform a counter song. She agrees. At the same time Lauren tells Puck she wants to be famous, and the sure fire way to do it is a sex tape. While watching another sex tape for "inspiration," Ms. Holiday tells them that it would be illegal to do it since they are under age. Puck chickens out, and joins the celibacy club.

Shortly after that, Santana and Brittany ask Ms. Holiday to help them with their "relationship." Ms. Holiday talks to them for a bit, and tells them that its okay to have feelings for other women, and that maybe they should perform a song about their feelings. The girls agree, as long as Ms. Holiday helps. The next day, the three perform "Landslide," by Fleetwood Mac. Santana is clearly upset while singing the song, and afterwards tells Brittany how she feels. Later that day, Santana asks Brittany to break up with Artie to be in a relationship with her. When Brittany says no, Santana gets upset. Brittany tells her that if she does break up with Artie, and Santana is single, she'd "be hers proudly."

The celibacy club performs, "Afternoon Delight" by the Starland Vocal Band. When Ms. Holiday ask's why they performed that song, Ms. Pillsbury says because its about the getting desert after lunch, and is confused when Ms. Holiday says its about sneaking off to have a nooner. Carl (who Ms. Pillsbury asked to sing with the club) asks Ms. Holiday for relationship help. While talking to the couple, Ms. Holiday finds out that Emma is still in love with Will, Carl tells Emma he's moving out.

The next day, Rachel is running the Celibacy club, (which now consists of pretty much every Glee Club member) because Emma is spending the hour fixing her "sham of a marriage."

The show ends with Holly and Will kissing.

This episode was VERY good, it mixed the dramatic moments with the funny moments really well. The show paired up characters who haven't really interacted before, or lately. The Burt and Kurt scenes were very well done, and very well acted by Mike O'Malley and Chris Colfer respectively. The revelation that Santana is actually a lesbian was unexpected, but really well done.

The songs this week were done very well. The show consisted of 4 songs, the three mentioned previously and Prince's "Kiss" performed by Holly and Will. Of the songs, Landslide was this reporters personal favorite.

This episode was a welcome return to form for Glee. As much as many people say the constant guest stars, are distracting, Gwyneth fits perfectly into the show, and is great as Holly Holiday. With the way the ended the show, the character will definitely be returning by end of the season.

This show was the best show that Glee has had since the Superbowl episode. Next week's episode promises to have the first original songs for the series, and the much anticpated Regional competition. If the caliber of writing, acting, songs and story continue, the final episodes of the season will be the best yet.

Written or Contributed by: Erik Galston

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