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The Terror of Mechagodzilla Unleashed in Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #14

Written by Zechs on Thursday, July 24 2014 and posted in Reviews

The Terror of Mechagodzilla Unleashed in Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #14

It's not a good day to be the King of the Monsters or Angurius. Poor Angurius, the spiked-armored kaiju can never catch a break.


We're in overtime (given previous Godzilla ongoings from IDW ended with #12) on Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth and I hope it never ends. Writer Chris Mowry and Artist Matt Frank (along with Jeff Zornow doing a timely assist on art duties, but not in this issue) have crafted an engaging and fully entertaining Godzilla comic. Like previous issues, every page of this one is just a love-letter the franchise (and even a classic X-Men story). Any fan of the Toho franchise can feel right at home with this book given it touches all eras (Showa, Heisei, and Millennium).


With the previous issue being more reader friendly, Mowry continues to build onto the IDW world that Godzilla inhabits. I say IDW world, because in this issue, characters from Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters (aka the first Godzilla ongoing from IDW) make appearances and honestly I'm glad to get some answers after so long about the fates of characters from the book who aren't kaiju related (now if Not-Jason Statham from vol. 2's Godzilla somehow manages miraculous return, then all will be well. Though I highly doubt that given he's probably still causing Godzilla's stomach bad indigestion). If there's any plus again with Mowry is you don't have to read the previous volume to understand the characters at work here. You get their relationships all spelled here and if you happened to read the previous ongoing with these characters, well it makes this issue extra special (more so with the villains at work).


While balancing this angle, Mowry also dangles the current plot with the latest Mechagodzilla (the original, Showa version) finishing it's test run on poor Angurius. I will say this about this new subplot going on in the book. Fans who were aching for a continuation of an ending subplot to Godzilla: Legends #3 (aka Titanosaurus spotlight) might want to read this comic because at the end of this issue and no doubt the start of the next hints at a grand idea that was teased before and here in Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth we finally see it's execution in GLORIOUS detail. When getting to the last page, I had the biggest goofiest grin on my face and next month cannot get here soon enough.


Speaking of detail, Matt Frank delivers yet again an eye-catching issue with fantastically drawn action, and just nailing every kaiju in this issue. Given how well he and co-series artist Jeff Zornow complement each other in the series it never misses a true beat and you can feel the raw emotion of the kaiju via the expresses or moves both artists have given the monsters in this book. In this issue, that spotlight falls on Angurius who you just can't help but feel sorry for with what the rugged jobber of Toho kaiju goes through in this issue (heck there's even a teasing Easter egg shot obviously in homage to the movie Mecha G debuted in). When you're a love of kaiju film like I am, you know I was screaming, “DON'T DO IT!!! NOT AGAIN!!!” I won't spoil if the deed is completed (you're just going to have to read the comic yourself), but when a book hits those kind of emotions you know the writer and artist are doing their job.


I've said it numerous times in the forums and I'll say it again here. Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth is a fantastic read and always a pleasing book that hits all the right notes. If you're into giant monsters fighting each other with occasional giant robots also smashing things with an alien or underwater deviants who want to conquer all corners of the Earth. You can't go wrong with this comic, and go ahead just pick up the previous issues of this series. You'll thank me later. As for this one? Again, the creative team just keep taking the book to new heights and again I want to be on this ride forever.


5 out of 5


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