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Memories Cannot Change His Soul: Samurai Jack #10!

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, August 01 2014 and posted in Reviews

Memories Cannot Change His Soul: Samurai Jack #10!

His mind is small and squishy and weak!

Samurai Jack continues its run of one-shots with #10, Samurai Jack and the Brain Battalion. Written by Jim Zub, with art by Andy Kuhn and colors by Josh Burcham, the main cover by Andy Suriano features a battle between Samurai Jack and Aku inside Jack’s head. The subscription only variant cover by Kuhn has Aku putting the final puzzle piece into Jack’s head.
Aku is frustrated that Samurai Jack has thwarted all his physical threats and decides to use a mental attack to take him out. Aku jumps into Jack’s head while he’s sleeping and systemically starts to destroy his memories. 
Jim Zub takes the story in a different direction here, utilizing flashbacks to dig into the deepest parts of Samurai Jack’s psyche. Aku is more villainous than ever here, as he seeks to separate Jack’s past from himself. This approach is unlike any other, as Zub takes the reader on a fast-paced run through Jack’s mind. Aku's dialogue is darker than ever here, exclaiming, "I will feast upon your memories and the samurai you have become will be no more!"
This manner of storytelling allows Andy Kuhn to show many distant places in quick succession. On the same page, he has Jack playing with paper boats, reading scrolls and raving, alongside various incarnations of Aku. These many appearances of Aku allow Kuhn to go wild with his designs including giant fish Aku, Osiris-Aku and Shakespearean-Aku. Kuhn is in top form, with his ability to create pages that leave the reader wondering what will appear next.
Jim Zub and Andy Kuhn team up on a powerhouse of an issue digging into Aku’s deep arsenal. With Zub at the helm, Samurai Jack remains an honest and faithful continuation of Genndy Tartakovsky’s original vision.

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